How to enter bills in ERPNext?

I am comparing on how to enter bills in the ERPNext system? I find easy to enter bills in QuickBooks than in ERPNext. Can someone help on this please?

Second challenge: There is also a challenge in undertaking bank reconciliation in ERPNext than in QuickBooks, can someone also help on this?

Have ErpNext Self Hosted ? Have you registered trial on

Please find path by log in to ErpNext.

    • Accounting > Account Receivables > Sales Invoice
  • Accounting > Account Payable > Purchase Invoice
  1. Accounting > Banking and Payment > Update Bank Transaction Dates

Thanks Suresh,
We have hosted our ERPNext onto the cloud to oceanic breeze and we have been using the ERPNext since 2012. However, can’t figure our why bills in QuickBooks is made simple and here we call it purchase/sales invoice? When I think is any system has to be user friendly and should as well be easy to use especially on these common terms.
The bank reconciliation as well could have been made simple and easy but I find it to be challenging and needs lot of brains to work on it while life should be made simple.

Could you share more about what can be added to ERPNext?

Ah well, I thought you didn’t know about accounting.
The system is really helpful. It is important to have a learning approach in each System’s Functionality.
The community is striving to make it as easy as possible. If you have any suggestions you can enter here.

I propose that bank reconciliation with self explanatory just like it looks in QuickBooks could be more ideal.
As for now with ERPNEXT, it’s challenging to do bank reconciliation it’s like not clear and now known.

Bills and Expenses are hot lately :smiley:

@bwanamacd if you search the forum you can find 2-3 threads discussing about this. Maybe you can give your input as well.

For this we have created a custom doctype called GL Payment of which reference to was taken from SAP which is something similar to payment entry but for indirect expenses, supplier details are optional while tax template is added so each expense can be mapped to its tax type.
I think this is needed in future version of Erpnext

Be careful with this implementation please, bc in some country, like some western european country bill is not enought to book as expense. If you do this you are not allowed to claim VAT refund. For that you need invoice!

Thanks Suresh,
I will dig more details and allow myself to learn