ERPNext features - prospective adopter


I am thinking of implementing ERPNext for my company that does engineering design & build and would like to check if it has the following features:

  • employee expense management/reimbursement
  • time/hr/job codes tracking (track & view time spent on certain tasks/job codes)
  • employees can accept tasks and then mark as done, where time on that task/job code is automatically tracked
  • Purchase Order system where POs can be generated and cost/tax/shipping of items can be individually tracked/reported
  • Bill of Materials management system that links with PO system
  • Report on estimated project cost vs the dollar amount that has been spent on employee time & BOM purchases to date



Most if not all of the features you have asked about do exist in ERPNext

  • Employee can create expense claims and get them approved or rejected depending on the document flow setup
  • Check this from the manual Expense Claim

It can be done using time sheets

Timesheet document has a timer option to track the time spent on tasks

Yes ERPNext has a purchase order cycle feature Purchase Order
Also check * Purchase Cycle

You can check Project Management Module

My advice is that the best way to evaluate ERPNext is to take it for a spin yourself
Start by downloading a VM Image from here

Have a nice day

Thanks! I will try it out!