Erpnext first login setup stuck

Hi All. Whether it’s easy install script or hitch hiker development setup. On first login using administrator there is a long setup for erpnext. After clicked complete setup it went global settings etc and mostly it will stuck and display failed dialog then we have to re try again. This is not happening on blank frappe site. Is anyone experience this? How do you solved that? This has never happened prior to v11 for me. I am worry about the quality of this software. I will be doomed if my operation staff stuck in the middle of using erpnext for data entries. Thanks.

Hello, I am newbie on ERPNext, and am facing the same issue.
I resinstall 6 times with;
Does this work normally or should expect another process?

Hi @Insightlab, I’m not erpnext developer and I haven’t decide to spend more time on reading the source code of erpnext.

It never happen before v12. I was testing alots in v11 and v10.

Based on experience, it can either 1 of below

  1. state mechanism such as redis or etc didn’t get updated while the processes half way because sometime i saw a process in the progress bar going to finish but restarted
    1.2 thus might raise doubt whether double or several recall the same process. eg. react+redux+saga will double cast the same api call due to bug
  2. the backend process called several remote process that end within time frame or remote process got error thrown
  3. there are bugs between middlewares
  4. there are codes that can’t compatible each other
  5. python3 libs or ways are different than python2 and sone parts of erpnext might still in python2 shape.

Anyway, frappe is jewel. You can still develop new app using frappe.

Hi @adamtang79,
What exactly according to this i have to do to fix the issue please?

Are you stuck up on Setup Wizard Request Timeout ?

I usually try setup wizard a few times on a fresh server and sometimes I also issue bench restart.

It is about regional settings I belive. Try a few times and also try bench restart.

Not sure. Already using version-12 for both frappe & erpnext but first setup still stuck.

But after a few attempts or bench restart, i feel like the initial settings are not complete. For example, the first user permissions are not set completely.

Can you see the desk?

@rmehta is it possible to get a smooth erpnext first time login setup?

I’ve never experienced smooth first time login setup :slight_smile: I try a few times and then it works as expected. You should create an github issue I think.
How is you server enviroenment? Did you try the installation on fresh server? Which commands did you use?
You may also try this Easiest Installation (LXC)

macos catalina, python3, frappe v12, erpnext v12, using hitch hiker mac setup guide.

Unfortunately hitch hiker mac setup guide is beyond my imagination. I am a .Net Windows guy. I use easy setup or easiest setup on my link.

You may also try this
sudo supervisorctl stop all
And then
bench start

Then you may look for errors in the console.

@TurkerTunali I’ve used windows laptop with virtualbox linux using hitch hiker linux guide. Recently I’ve acquired new macbook and using hitch hiker mac guide. Both of them success install, but failed on erpnext first login setup. i’m planning to do some python programming, so, didn’t use easy install.

current trick is to create a new site, install erpnext, retry setup until success. Then drop the site and new site setup will be mostly success. tested both on v12 and dev using English, English (US) and Simplified Chinese. Don’t know whether it’s backend cached the data or frontend cached the data. I do noticed any change of .py file causing redis connection or web server connection dropped.

You have to provide the error messages. You may look for clues in the browser’s console or better you should use bench start and look for errors. If you can provide error message then somebody can resolve it.

The funniest part is there is no error. Sometimes it stopped at getting chart, sometimes setup complete etc.

Even a doctor without seeing how to do medicine :joy:. Please share some screen shot so community can help.

I see no errors. Just some .py changed and process restarted until redis connection dropped at some point. I’m just repeat until setup completed with imcomplete data.