ERPNext for a delivery transport service company

We did some implementations of ERPnext for IT and Customer Service companies in germany. A new client is now asking for his business: (specialiced) delivery transport services.

Invoicing etc. could be handled by normal invoices and articles by km. we had a workshop to check what fits and what is missing.

Mostly missing: he needs to create kind of transportation documents like: where to pick, where to deliver, whom to contact etc.

The app “freight_management” does allow to enter some of those information but is not yet integrated (could find it yet) to generate for example an invoice for delivered freights.

Does someone has experiences in that requests or is ERPnext not a good solution in that case?

Thanks for any helpful comment.

Wish you all a merry X-mas

Hey all on frappe space, wish you all a happy new year :rocket:

Does anybody has a tip related to my above question, please.



Please check the drop ship option: Drop Ship

It may work.


TY, I will have a look on your link :+1: