ERPNext for agencies


Looking for some initial pointers on how to get ERPNext set up for an agency environment. In our case it’s a recruitment agency, but I guess some things could benefit other types of agencies as well.

The issue I’m seeing is (and we’ve just started evaluating different software options) is that the Recruitment module seems to assume that all recruitment is happening for a [COMPANY] in ERPNext, but NOT for a client.

Can someone give some quick pointers on how to make it possible to combine CRM,website, recruitment modules on the scenario where recruitments happens for BOTH our company, but also for our clients?

Much appreciated


You can create one more company inside the same installation and use that company to handle the recruitment for your clients. Rest everything will work.


Divyesh M.

Thanks for your reply. I guess that would separate the employees between mine and clients’, but it wouldn’t connect the CRM and Projects with the Recruitment module, right?

There’s an option to select “Company” in the Recruitment module. Can I similarly create an option to select “Client”? in the same module, out of the box?

IMO I don’t think this is the right approach. What if, later on, you had to assign the same agent to another client? You should not modify existing records, instead, create a new transaction.

The approach I see is doing a selling cycle: creating a customer, a project, and a sale order/invoice. Maybe utilizing a billable timesheet as well.

You might need to add a flag to identify if the agent is currently occupied or available.

Anyway, you can utilize Customize Form to create a Client field out of the box.