Erpnext for agriculture

Dear all,

After this post

and trying frappe on digital cloud, I’d like to start fine tuning erpnext for agricultural purpose. I’m not an expert developer in Python by any means, but I’d like to try it out.

What would you suggest is the best way to start?

Suggest changes on the erpnext github itself or make a fork of erpnext and make the changes from there?

Sorry if my questions is trivial, I just want make sure I start on the right foot.



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Hi François,

Welcome to the forum :smile:

You need not fork erpnext. You can extend erpnext using apps based on frappe framework. Here’s the how to:

Once you have a look at it, you should be able to ask more specific questions.

Anand Doshi.

Hi Anand,
The idea is to fine tune ERPNext for agricultural purposes. So take some modules / Doctype and add some more.
Also I can do changes for myself, but I will find it more useful if we can develop an open version of erpnext for agriculture, where more than myself can contribute to it.

I already have a lots of specific questions and have of course already read the I just want to start it right with question of rights, license, etc.



How are you doing with implementing ERPNext for agriculture?

I just began toying with ERPNext for exactly that same purpose. I really like it.

Let me know how I can collaborate to the project.

Also, I am no expert in programming, but recently have learned some Python scripting and interacted with GnuCASH features for customizing the software, I would really like to be able to obtain an ERP software for ag.



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Hi @Tropicalrambler,
Thanks so much for reaching out.

I did start some time back and I even tried to hire someone with upwork. but it didn’t work out at the end due to lack of skills and communication from the freelancer. I had to end the contract.
But here is what I have started. I got some other proposals but they were way out of my budget.

and here and here for some of the idea behind it:

Also there is this discussion from some time back.

I still think that this can be a great and useful product for many. I am still willing to finance a fair part of it as I would like to use it for our own operation.

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François, I updated the file in the repository with a functional blueprint for programming. Will have a go these days to attempt to use existing features in ERPNext to accomplish such feats. Will go bit by bit. If I get to a point where I no longer can program it myself (I am running an ag business as my main job) then I will hire someone to finish this programming. I saw some sponsor info on github for the developers. Maybe that will be a fantastic probable resolution to this need. Thanks for setting things up and I hope to be able to expand on your awesome work.

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Hi @Tropicalrambler,
That’s such great news… I’l be happy to chip in as well to get this running.
I think if we both chipped in, we can have a great product well developed…

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@Francois_Ifitwala @Tropicalrambler will be happy to offer any help you need!

@rmehta Thanks! I updated the file yesterday because I am deploying ERPNext these days. I am rusty in programming, but I think I can work with Python and your excellent software, albeit slowly. I will setup my development version this weekend on another machine and explore existing processes and documents in ERPNext, read the developer docs, and figure out a way to adapt existing stuff, whilst adding only the necessary stuff.



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I am working overtime these days to setup ERPNext for our farming operation. I am trying to connect the existing interface and DocTypes as close as possible as the description @Francois_Ifitwala and @Tropicalrambler (myself) updated on the Github page.

So far, I have setup my chart of accounts with the following basic tree structure:

  • 01- Assets
  • 010 - Current Assets
    • 0101 - Division 01
      • 01010 - Field A
        • 010100 - Block 0100
        • 010101 - Block 0101
        • 010102 - Block 0102
        • 010103 - Block 0103
        • 010104 - Block 0201

My intention now is to assign each block which will be of type Work In Progress Warehouse (materials in production) to its corresponding account in the chart of accounts.

Next steps with references to how we usually do things in Agriculture.

  1. WorkstationField Master. Basically, each “workstation” has its properties, which in our particular case will be items such as Soil Analysis, Polygon Map, etc. (Refer to github document for desired properties)

  2. Production Planning Tool & ProjectCrop Cycle. Since a production can be started with a Production Order, in Agriculture, the Production OrderPlanting or Transplanting. As you can see it has two main components:

  3. BOMLabor+Agricultural Inputs, which includes (a stock entry, taking stuff out of an input warehouse and adding them to an in progress warehouse)

    1. Inputs (Transfer Material)
    2. Labor (Time Logs… Actual time spent on each task included in BOM)
  4. ManufactureHarvest (a stock entry, increasing the amount of finished items in a finished goods warehouse and deducting raw materials from the in-progress warehouse)

Then I will move on to explore how to assign additional data needed in agriculture as per the Block Master or Field Master in either the “Workstation” or “Warehouse” DocType.

I can see here that a Project has a start and end time, tracking the time an asset might be busy, but the Production is what actually does the accounting. I will explore this later to see how we can link the entire process. I did see that a Sales Order is COMMON to both DocTypes.

I am enjoying ERP profusely!

@Tropicalrambler my recommendation would be to make fresh models (not re-using manufacturing) for the Agriculture module.

At some point, it will get too confusing and complex for a Workstation to have different kinds of features.

To add onto @rmehta when changes happened to manufacturing it might caused conflict with your module.
Better make your own.

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@rmehta and @Francois_Ifitwala You are right, I noticed that both Mnaufacturing and Projects have features desired in the crop cycle module I put forth as ideal. I was havign this dilemma while setting up the system. I will explore how to make my fresh modules for AG. Any pointers on a good place to start making a module? I am still getting to know the program while I simultaneously migrate my business onto ERPNext from basic excel records, so I will be taking some time to develop. Any guidelines are welcome.

I will set up a developing machine soon, perhaps using the virtual image, since I am already my business on digitalocean, and want to leave that untouched while I develop. Thanks for support!

@Tropicalrambler start with the tutorial and videos

Share your code here, we are happy to help

@rmehta, I managed to slow down a bit from the initial infatuation I had with ERPNext. (a very good thing) I opted to watch the conference videos tonight and I am now aware that the blame goes to Sukh Dugal and Studio March. I not only am enjoying the usability, but the design!! Eye candy for work operations. My staff is pleased with the interface, SIMPLE. Lets you work. I believe that ERPNext’s 2015 base will serve as a good starting point for any future GUI changes.

I am going through the tutorials now, and will let you know what I can and cannot do programming-wise. If I get stuck I will let you know.

Excellent project. Congratulations to all on the inspiration to build something to help businesses worldwide.

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@Tropicalrambler, how are you doing with the video tutorial? Any progress?

Very keenly following this, as would like to use ERPNext in our plant nursery,


Just to add on to the farming train…

I am keenly interested in this application for the Frappe and Erpnext framework. I am a commercial mushroom, strawberry and logging operation in the US and I have been using eprnext for the better part of a year now for everything BESIDES the farming data. We have been using excel and google drive for harvest, planting and everything else. Currently I am working on three apps to add on to the existing Frappe framework and integrate with erpnext. These are, but are not limited to:

Greenhouse Management
Crop Management
EXTENSION OF MANUFACTURING - Firewood Manufacturing Management

The name are working title but I plan on keep these three separate and independent as to allow others to utilize them. I am no expert like the guys over at Frappe, but I am versed in python, JS, full stack, etc.

I started a few repos on Github to get started and would love some feedback and input. The only one I have put any time into is my greenhouse management app as our season just started.


Hi @Brandon_Fox,
Great! What is your Github repository? I’d like to give it a try :wink:

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That’s amazing Brandon_Fox!

I’d like to check out your Greenhouse Management app to see if it’s useful for a plant nursery.