ERPNext For Apparel Manufacturing and Sales

Hello all, I am looking at using ERPNext for a client in the Apparel Manufacturing and sales industry.

One of the issues I am having is with the use of Templates in creating and selling styles.

In Apparel a product can come in different colors and sizes (called styles). Each size and color combination is of course a different product (Eg Shirt 123 is a style, medium size is a variant and a unique product)

The challenge is that ERPNext does not handle the variants of a template together, for example

  1. By looking at the template item, I should be able to at a glance see all the on hand/on order/under manufacture quantities for all the variants as well as the total for the group/template as a whole. This should be from the item view and not a report

  2. When a customer is buying or selling the item I need to be able to call up the template and key in the different quantity of each size and color combination at once without having to call up each product one by one.

  3. When creating the item I need to be able to make all variants by keying in required sizes in one page rather than the current situation where I have to make each variant one by one.

  4. If I change a feature of the template after creating the variants, I need an option to be able to update the variants with these change. Currently once the variants are created any change to the template does not affect the variant

How would you recommend I go about this? Should I post this as a job or is it something that ERPNext can already do?



Is it possible to make the variant in an excel and then import to ERPnext?

Also maybe we could have a simple upload functionality (similar to stock reconciliation) to upload sales order from an excel. I am not a big fan on left to right as scrolling is harder.
Top to bottom data entry still wins my point.
These are my 2 cents.

Few industries in the hub of apparel manufacturing in India uses, Apparelo.