Looking for an ERPNext based solution for my textile yarn and fabric manufacturing company


I am a partner in my textile yarn and woven fabric manufacturing company with our office in Mumbai and factory at Silvassa. Currently we have been using a homegrown ERP software to manage all aspects of manufacturing at the factory. We are currently looking to revamp this.

Ideally I would like an ERPNext based solution that is already being used in a similar textile manufacturing setup as ours. If there is an ERPNext vendor here who has a solution for the textile manufacturing setup then please do connect with me here.




You should take a look…

Thanks Francisco for the lead.We are into yarn and fabric manufacturing and not into apparel manufacturing therefore I don’t think Apparelo will work for me, still I shall take a look. Thanks.

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I am using ERPNext for our textile printing facility. Unfortunately there are many limitations in the Manufacturing module, which we have not yet overcome. The biggest issue for us is this one: Packing Slip before Delivery Note, without which we are not able to integrate into our workflow.

If you read the Manufacturing topic on the forums, you will find that the same queries coming again and again.

I too am looking for a vendor who can customize ERPNext, or help improve the Manufacturing module.

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@jeetu sure i can help with complete set up an deployment… pls DM

Hello Abid,

Thanks for your response. Your feedback is very helpful since before committing to a platform I want to be sure it is being used successfully by others in the same industry and I can count on service and support.

I have gone through the issue you are facing and coming from a similar background I understand the issue you are facing. It seems to be quite a basic issue and your workflow is very common in our industry.

Based on your comment on the issues in the Manufacturing module and issues you are facing finding a vendor to solve these, I am no longer certain if ERPNext is the platform I should be committing to.

Are you based in India and if so would you be aware of a company that has a good solution for the textile yarn and fabric manufacturing sector that I should look into?

Thank you.


Hi Jeetu,

Besides the drawbacks or limitations of Manufacturing, all other modules of ERPNext are excellent, e.g. Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, HR, etc. I would recommend that you see if you can start using the other modules, and integrate Manufacturing at a later stage. This is the same that we are doing.

I am based in Pakistan. Unfortunately have not found a good vendor yet. But again, I think the challenge is to first improve the Manufacturing module for all, as customizations opens up a whole new can of worms.

I wonder if smart people such as @revant_one would be interested in taking this up as a paid project.

Yes, Formula based ( continuous ) manufacturing needs to be used and required dedicated manufacturing module development for keeping requirements in mind with early adopters textile tech savy entrepreneurs . Such entrepreneurs shoud look at ERPNext as alternative to SAP and willing to invest required resources.

An excellent solution can come out. I am coming from Bhilwara ,textile city of india and have been consultant as chartered accountant to various textile industry in the past.

We are happy to build a solution, and make it open source. However we need some level of sponsorship. Contact me via DM.

Hello Abid, thanks again for taking the time to reply. Am glad to hear your positive reviews on the other modules. Unfortunately, revamping the Manufacturing processes from our in-house solution to something better is the most urgent need of the day for us. We would also need a vendor who would be able to support the entire solution long term.