Packing Slip before Delivery Note

In our workflow, we require to create a Packing Slip first, and then a Delivery Note second. Two use cases:

1. From our production process, we bulk produce yarn in kg. The yarn is packed in a carton (how to issue a carton serial number), and the net weight each carton may vary due to the nature of the production process. A Sales Order could be for a 1,000 kg, but the delivery is done according to the weight of the cartons actually delivered, which can vary by 5-10%. Our Delivery Note process requires that we ‘pick’ the cartons first, and then the total should come in the Delivery Note.

2. The more complicated use case (for us) is when the content of the package varies. This is a common scenario in our textile printing process, where 1 roll of fabric of 50 meters may contain 10 different designs (our Sales Order ITEM). We deliver a “packed roll” which contains 10 different items, however our billing is done in the meters UoM according to the total quantity delivered. In the standard ERPNext workflow, we have to create a delivery note first, and then create a packing slip. Our packing process happens first, so the packing slip has to be created first. The deliveries are done subsequently, but not sequentially, as our clients may choose to have 1 roll delivered but not the other. When we create a delivery note first, this workflow doesn’t work.

Also, we want to issue a serial number or some other unique identity to this roll (virtual packing slip). One way to handle this is to use the ‘packing slip number’ as the unique identifier. But this won’t work with stock and inventory. Ideally would ‘pick’ a roll of XYZ serial number, so we can identity it in our store/warehouse.

Looking for advice and best practices.

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There is a Pick List doctype, however it doesn’t appear to fit this case.

Have serializing the Items been considered? Looking at the docs it says

If the Serial No was generated from a Sales Order, the Customer will be linked here.

Not sure how that works, tbh.

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Still Looking for advice here