ERPNext for Banking

So far We have loan management system in the core in V12 and V13.

But we need to tweak that to applied as a practical banking solution.

Then we need to add deposit side as saving accounts, current accounts etc…

I know this is a huge area, but it is worth to initiate since we have micro finance companies, rural banks and many…

In one day we can say like alternative to Finacle

Like what we say now- Alternative to SAP.

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I haven’t had a go on Loans but would you compare it to this ?

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I can’t sign up to check because it is not accepting international signups still.

I think that is great idea. That would be good if ERPNext replaces CBS (core banking system). Unfortunately, to be realistic, CBS requires a lot of different functionalities than current account, saving account, general ledger, loan accounts. I`m afraid that the scope of CBS is bigger than ERPNext.

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If there is any bank who is looking for a solution and wants to engage us, happy to explore this. Please DM me.


I have taken up this challenge, will share the project on git once I am done. Hopefully I get a merge request from Frappe/ERPNext?


@saleemdev Did you progress on this ?

Still no one interest??

Hi Rushabh, I’m being involved on a software development project of a Loan management system for a small-size local institution in México and I would like to explore the possibility to use Frappe/ERPNext and collaborate on the development process. Please contact me if you have a chance.