ERPNext for Chinese business .... how do you run your server?

I have a request to setup ERPNext for a company located in China and I was wondering about how to set it up. As some may know website’s outside of the country can be very hard to reach (bandwidth being very small) or even blocked from China. is definitely not blocked but I’d be interested to hear how others host ERPNext instances for China located businesses. what do you use?

  2. local physical server
  3. VPS on a Chinese cloud (which one if so)

Alibaba has a ckoud business almist equal to AWS, Google…

thanks @Deepak_Pai … I don’t have a problem to find a cloud provider (such as aliyun which you have mentioned here) in China. There are quite a few.

I was more looking for feedback from people actually running ERPNext for a Chinese business (like @strixaluco) about what they use and whether it works well. Are you using alibabacloud and can recommend it?

I would say, complicated architecture designed by Ali Group for AliCloud.

While registration, server selection, Elastic IP whatever basic requirement has to be furnished, they had failed at every single point. Every time I had faced errors While their own services is so pathetic, how they will serve our services.

Even ping time is not so good. You may prefer DigitalOcean from Singapore location. Next your wish.

I am not using it but was researching the biggest cloud operator start-ups a week ago. And Alibaba seemed to have a strong suite. Similar tho Aws. The review was also pretty good. I would research more. I use AkiExpress and if they host thier own, would say it’s rock solid from a user perspective.

I hope someone worth more experience will reply :slight_smile:

Almost all configuration and their User Interface is not really user friendly. Anyhow, after creating instance and coming to terminal.
Now, I feel everything good. I mean, everything is with console, and i.e. not so user-friendly and so much hidden T&C. That is my only concern. While ont second hand, I’m receiving excellent bandwidth even with mini instance.

@aaimaa where is you alibabacloud server located? You seem to be in India.

Funny fact: they charge more then double for servers located in China compared to ‘international’. I wonder whether that’s the same then if you go through the Chinese website

Yes. I belong to India & My server location is “Singapore”. I had not preferred any Chinese because they are bounding me & continuously bounding me one over one T&C and policies.

To go through China Location Server, I have to prove my human identity with “Govt. Document Verification” and Hence, I skipped that step. Although, distance is same from my location.

About pricing, They know very well that they are leading Cloud Provider in China now. So, They will charge accordingly.

We are signed up to currently. Usually the first launch of ERPNext is relatively long, but once everything is cached, it works snappier.

ok, good to know. thanks.

do you access it directly or via VPN?

Some users access it via proxy/VPN, some access it directly. It might be better to block host for those who access ERPNext directly.

Does the latest announcement to ban all private VPN Services by Feb 2018 affect your take on the hosting question?

I’ve read a bit about this upcoming policy, but haven’t seen any detailed description of how this ban will be actually implemented. Do you have some links? Honestly speaking, I doubt that local government will be able to filter out and block shadowsocks or wireguard traffic. And in case they become able to, the developers will implement necessary changes to these protocols to obfuscate them further. This is kind of never ending battle, I suppose.
Back to your question — no, I haven’t thought about changing the way of hosting in regard to aforementioned announcement.