ERPNext for Commission based Sales business

I have a requirement where in there is this company ( Company A) who are sort of a distributer of a brand. Catch here is that all the invoicing to the end customers is done by the brand company itself and this Company A just gets x% of commission on sales. How do I setup ERPNext for Company A. In other words Company A is sales partner of the main brand company but do not do any direct invoicing or transactions with end customers.

Sales Orders and Sales Invoice can have “customer” as their principle Brand. Shipping details can have the end-customer address. Billing details should remain the same as that of the “Brand” .

The item details can be something like “Sales Commission on Item 1” - these should be non-stock items.

Since you will receive payment from the “Brand” you should invoice them for services.

Thanks for reply @dhananjay. This could temporarily serve my purpose. But problem with this is I wouldn’t have any CRM related things for end customers, analysis of what items they are buying etc to be able to grow the business. Just being able to do invoicing would defeat the purpose of having an ERP in the first place. Yes But I agree invoice would be for services only to the main brand company.

PS: Is this commission based sales business a common scenario? Has anyone else faced it? Is there a terminology for these kinds of business?

were you able to find the solution as I am also in a similar situation.

Create zero valuated items. Vat etc will be zero for that and add a commission at the end as an item on each invoice. Cheers