ERPNext For Distributors

Hi ,

I have requirements of getting secondary sales information by Manufacturer

A manufacturing company is manufacturing goods and sells it through the distributors

The flow in erpnext is as follows;

Distributors will receive Sales Order from End Customers
The distributor will place consolidated (For all End Customers) purchase order to Manufacturer
Manufacturer will supply goods to Distributor w.r.t. PO of Distributor.
Distributor will receive goods and raise invoice to End Customer and will dispatch the goods to end customer

There are total 10 distributors

For Manufacturer , Distributor is Customer and for Distributor end customer is customer , However in ERPNext to the best of my knowledge there is no provision to define distribution channel i.e. Primary Customer and Secondary Customer

If i define customer group as primary and secondary the issue is not resolved in fact it will create further issues as it may show the debtors outstanding as double the actual outstandig i.e. from distributor (Primary Customer) and End customer (Secondary Customer)

even if i have 11 different tenants (installations) one for manufacturer and 10 for distributors , How at Manufacture level i can view consolidated secondary sales ?

Please advice
Thanks in Advance