ERPNext for farming

Hi Guys,
Finally, I have managed to finance someone to start the creation of an frappe app for farming purposes.
So this post follow this one:

It is also based on the following Github wiki page

And my idea of a blueprint

Now I am not an app designer, so I still have quite a few question and advices.
I am looking at input we put on crops.
Here is how I see things.
A crop always belong to a land asset. Over time, a given land asset will get several crop (although one at a time)
Now what’s happen when we add input to that crop (let’s say fertiliser and labor).

Now I am wondering what is the best way to go with the production of a crop (to best keep track of cost of production).

Fertiliser is taken from a warehouse an put into the field (so each land asset create a special kind of warehouse - “work in progress” kind of type ??)
When we harvest the crop, all the inputs costs are being transfer as a lump sum to Cost of Good Sold?
But what happen with the stock ledger?

Also what would be the best way to keep track of all the labor costs associated with a specific crop?

Any idea, and / or suggestion?




@Francois_Ifitwala your file is not active

Also try making these questions visual, like with a flow chart or screen mockup.

Oops sorry for that.
Hopefully, now it is open to anyone with the link.

Francois, very interesting. What is the timeline you are looking at? Are you having it developed in house or have you outsourced it? Am playing with some thoughts myself and keen to hear your experiences.

hi @Mark_de_Blois ,
I’ve been to busy farming and left the whole thing aside. The idea was to developed in house the document structure and outsourced some of the scripting. I think that some other user was also trying to get it up but I 've not heard much since.
Good luck!