ERPNext for Garment Wholesale & Retail

Hi all, We are into wholesale and retail of garments. Currently, we have one warehouse, two stores, and a franchise. And expanding fast, we will have ten stores in the next six months. We are looking to implement a complete solution for all business areas including warehouse management. ERPNext looks good for us, but before going to it we need some suggestions from other members. Our main concerns are Warehouse management and POS modules. What do you suggest about ERPNext in our case?

The only really safe/sensible way to know if it will work for you, is to test it with your scenario. Install virtual box, and download the VM production version, and load it on your PC, and then try it out

@Viraj Why don’t you create a free trial account here to evaluate ERPNext hassle-free, instead of setting up a virtual box? :wink: