ERPNext for government?

I am planning on deploying ERPNext for a provincial(state) government in Africa. Can anyone who has deployed this system in a government setup tell me the suitability of this system in running government operations. In government the most important module seems to be budgeting. How good is ERPNext in tracking budgeting in government setup? What level of customization is needed? Thank you for your help


Ideally ERPNext was not designed for Government use including their specific requirement. However, if you have something in mind please do help us understand them by providing a list of modules required and your overall thought process.

We will surely look forward to work on that and plan something ahead in future… :blush:

Always ready to adapt new ideas.

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We are in yemen trying to implement erpnext in ministry of Justice and ministry of health also

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Hi, @smooth_hand,

It is good news.

@youssef this is the project- Erpnext for government

Has this been deployed anywhere for government yet?
@smooth_hand, were you able to deploy it in Yemen?
@Mute Did you get State approval?

I am looking at a provincial government in Africa as well and would like to get feedback and if there are any references we can use.