ERPnext for Insurance

Is there an ERPnext for insurrance policy ?

Can you please elaborate what you are looking for?

@keshav everything about insurrance company i need an erp for it

Insurance business is so unique and complex…erpnext cannot handle it out of the box…But everything is almost possible if you have capability to develop it using Frappe then integrate it with ERPNExt…

This is a very common requirement for getting ERPNext into businesses that it is not yet ready for.

I believe it is better to have a structured approach towards bringing on board new business processes as that tends to be the most difficult step for anybody to take. Easing this step by structured approach will boost usage of ERPNext as it allows onboarding easy.

We have faced such similar scenarios recently and every new business that is wanting information systems are always asking “Is the solution ready?”. It is in the best interest of ERPNext foundation to enable such expansions into multiple verticals easily.

Maybe this post Documentation : New design // Pls. comment - #25 by Not_a_countant can be used to add a page for such scenario.