Erpnext for jewellery business

Hi all. A client of ours having multple branches locally and few countries wants a complete erp solution. It is in jewellery business selling gold, diamond, silver ornamants as well as other high end items like Rolex watches etc.

Has anyone customised erpnext to suit the jewelry business speccially ornaments stock sales and reconciliation? Issue is that there are too many items to customize. As gold price fluctuations is high it also needs to be auto updated daily.

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I can’t comment on a lot of the specific requirements that they have (generally, however, it’s easier to fix processes in the business rather than customize software that locks you into a complicated workflow).

However, to deal with price fluctuations of gold (and other precious metals), you could define the price list in units of the metal, and have the conversion metal->currency updated daily - the same logic as converting euros to dollars or similar.

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I agree with @alec_ruizramon1 generally you should try to adopt your practices to the existing standard workflow of your ERP system of choice as much as possible and only customize where there is not other way.

I think whether you could name concrete issues you’d get concrete feedback on those.

Without knowing anything about your industry I’d say it’s ‘just’ a trading business and a Diamond or Rolex Watch is not much different from a pair of socks logically.

the multiple branch scenario is challenging maybe (if you search for the term ‘branch’ in the forum you’ll find that there are several topics around this.)

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Thank folks for the responses. Helped put things in perspective. Hopefully our client will also feel it same way.


how to update currency daily please explain how to do that

Jewellry business is not simple as trading.

  1. Metal is received from customer at times
  2. Metal UOM is gms
  3. Labour is usually calculated in % of gms
  4. Most gemstones and diamonds are sold in two UOM at same time! pcs and carats,

There is a lot of outsourcing of each process of production of a jewellry and therefore the need to customize to incorporate all those stages.

The client of the gold business owner would ask for status and would require to be updated of the stage at which the jewellry has reached and also needs to be updated on the tentative dates after delays.

If anybody has handled such set of scenario in other business do share the experience.