ERPNext for Pharma - Good Manufacturing Practices - EU/Europe Certification


Has anybody implemented ERPNext for the Pharmaceutical Industry or the Pharmaceutical Supplies industry? Or has anybody developed an app (or in the process of developing an app) for the Good Manufacturing Practices certification as listed in this link?

I have a prospect, but it seems to be a highly specialized domain that requires multiple deliverables:

  1. Taking accountability/ownership for defining the requirements - both for the certification and for the ERP system
  2. Implementing the system
  3. Assisting for the certification

Happy to collaborate and contribute to anybody that’s doing work in this domain.



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Hi Jay,

I’m in the process of, in Brazil. The requirements are 98% the same.

To certificate on GMP, I’ve used almost all the standard ERPNext. To help with the implementation and with some customization, @max_morais_dmm is supporting me!

Will be glad to help! Maybe we can connect to talk about!

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I am seeing this msg after long 4 years. I am just curious to know whether the erpnext match the need that time. Hows the implementation with eprnext Mr. Jayram. I came to see that they released another version in between and that has lot of features that the previous one.