ERPnext for research Lab

Hi every one,

I’m a brand new administrative director of a research lab in health/lifescience/clinical science.
I’ve got a great background as project manager, but not accountant nor financial controller.

We are dealing with dozen of projects that are funded/granted by many differents non profit/governemental/foundation/… and we count between 50 to 70 people, depending on internship season!

We are looking for an integrated solution to manage project scheduling, Human ressources and not really accounting but more somthing like budget.

furniture/equipement are pretty straight forward funded as they are reported to one project, but people salary could be covered by several project.

So I’m testing ERPnext, which seems pretty exhaustive, and integrate at least those 3 axes.
I’m usining bitnami VM (I give a shot for a docker installation but too timeconsuming for me, and certainly difficult with it’s 11 containers!)

the project module seems almost accessible, and a part of HR too.

But the accounting section blow me up.

The needs for us with accounting is keeping track of what we have receive (from who) for what project and the expenses linked to it.

I’ve activated service and non profit domain in the setting, both and one at a time to test.

As far as I’ve understood, each account is strickly defined in purpose, type and so one. I mean I haven’t manage to credit on account and debit it also. And an account can’t be a bank, cash, … at the same time.

I’m able to write an expense in the purchase part, linked to a project, in a specific account …
I’m not sure I’m able to charge the same account for HR salary…

I’m writing here for any usefull advices, this solution seems really huge and I don’t know where to look at.
I would keep the account section as simple as possible.
I’ve just read a little on DocType and model

I know this post is really too open for efficient answer, but it may tighten with focused question :wink: