ERPNext for sand casting steel foundry and machine shop

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are in manufacturing sector. We are sand casting steel foundry and looking for ERP which should customised as per our requirement. Other modules are common but manufacturing and machine shop module is required as per our requirement. Then plz suggest that does erpnext will solve our problems or any other ERP will solve?

We were using SAP B1 but totally failed because the provider did not understand our process and various limitations are there. Also, we are MSME sector so we can’t afford SAP S4 HANA.

I think you’ll need a more specific question. Even if others are running the same type of business, workflow and processes may be different than yours.

Yes, so only I am asking for help to develop ERP as per our requirement.

It is totally different from others as we have complex processes which need to understand first so that it can be done or implemented nicely in erpnext