ERPNext for schools, an idea

Hey guys,

Over the weekend I had a thought about the ERPNext for schools, and that’s open source textbook management.

There are several sources for open source textbooks, and if you could integrate them into ERPNext schools, then teachers would have many options at their fingertips! There could even be the option of making tests within the system.

Sorry if this has already been done, I haven’t actually delved into ERPNext for Schools, but open source textbooks have been of interest to me since I was in high school. I don’t know about in the rest of the world, but the publishers here in the US really gouge people with their pricing. I feel like if teachers and/or schools had a ready open source alternative, that they would consider using it instead.


@cpurbaugh cool idea. Do you have a resource for open source textbooks?

I’m not sure how open these are specifically, but here’s what I’ve found:

Project Gutenberg has sources for older books:

Many of these are incomplete, but there are some complete books:

I will keep looking for more, and I’ll update this thread as I find them.


@cpurbaugh, @rmehta, 123k of open books managed by Brazilian Gov, under public domain by laws, and in Portuguese!



Maybe we can create an open books doctype and list these books with their titles, authors, language and subject

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Another source is MERLOT, but I find their website to be a bit confusing.

@rmehta, @neilLasrado I can scrap the Brazilian website to prepare the database!

An extensive list of free textbooks:

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I think you should check this out:

It is quite widely used Education institution management system and very extensive.

But is lacks many features and in some instances the UI is so bad that it becomes almost impossible to enter large amount of data.

Take for example entering Exam Marks to build mark sheets. Another example entering attendance.

Hope this helps.


@yogeshvachhani thanks, fedena used to be open source, but is no longer. We had a look at the free version, but seems very bad.