ERPNext for software services company


I have a problem setting up ERPNext for my company. I’ve created a product, i’ve unchecked “Keep stock” and i’ve set “Is Sales item” and “Is Service item”. Default income account i’ve left it default, Sales-VBS and Default Selling Cost Center as well, Main-VBS.

What I don’t understand is why this is shown when I click on Payment button from an invoice, in the account table I see 2 entries :

1 Debtors - VBS lei 4,556.50(credit) VBS00001
2 Cash - VBS lei 4,556.50(debit)

and the main problem, why the balance is twice the amount of the invoice?

Another issue, but this is only annoying, I can live with it if it’s not possible; can I disable the “Delivery” functionality? More exactly the alerts that are shown because the delivery wasn’t made.

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Weird, the weekly report mail shows the correct data as well as some of the reports. But most of them show the incomes doubled. Any reason for this?

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It is not double, its just total debit and credit

Thats double entry accounting! Try and do a basic accounting course.

You can close Sales Orders in an upcoming release.

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Yeah, I know almost nothing about accounting, that’s why somebody else is taking care of it. :smiley:

That’s why I asked, because I was expecting to see something simple, like this is the debit, this is the credit, and this is the difference between them, and I didn’t knew if I did something wrong in the config or that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Now I understand. Thanks :blush:

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