ERPNEXT for Surveys and Campaigns

Greetings from RSV!

We are a forum working for farmers welfare based in India. One of our primary work is study farmers issues (Farmer suicides, Implementation of Govt Schemes and other support systems, etc). Part of this, we conduct periodic surveys and capture information. Many times these studies are done by Volunteers, Phd students and sometimes by NGO’s. Information that gets captured varies on the objective of the study but will be centered around farmer, Land, Crop, Finance and Institutional support systems.

A typical farmer suicide case study contains below section:
Farmer Profile
Reasons for Suicide
Farm(Land) details
Crop details
Financial details like debts from different sources
Details of children
Support needed

Until now, the data is being stored in excel sheets and not maintained at central location. And we don’t effectively re-use existing survey formats and the data.

Can you please recommend what kind of modules in ERPNEXT fits for this purpose. We would also like to run campaigns (online petitions etc) based on the survey results. I see ERPNEXT already have Agriculture modules to capture some information but I am not sure how to feed survey data to feed into these DocTypes.


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Hello Naveen !

You’ll have to create a new doctype to capture this kind of data, let us just call it case for now. Every case captured will become an entry of this doctype.

One recommendation, I’m sure there are certain fields that common for all or can be condensed into fixed options. These fields can also be made as doctypes. Since you are collecting the data for farmer welfare I’m sure you will use this elsewhere in some kind of reports or graphs and if these fields have fixed responses your work could be easier as you don’t have to worried about different people writing the same response in different ways.

All the best !

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