ERPNext for Travel and Training Management?


Is there anyone who had managed ERPNext to work for travel and training management (like booking of travels and training stuffs)?

Searching for ERPNext in lieu of something like or

Any inputs shall be appreciated how ERPNext be customized to be used by service-oriented organization like training and travel agencies which facilitates with equated monthly installments (EMI) and has specific registration fee against each intangible product?


@zenny you will have to make a separate app for this

Here is a good place to start:

@rmehta Thanks, but are there anyone who can help me out to achieve this? PM me. Thanks.

You can submit your request into jobs section. There is at least one service provider, that was making adaptation of ERPNext for hotels industry, I just can’t recall their name, unfortunately.

link is not working can you please tell me is there any module for travel agency in erpnext

@School_Deskpro Last year after multiple discussions with a potential client (travel and tours operator) we had discussed API with Sabre directly. Plan was to do all bookings in Sabre and sync with ERPNext. Major client requirement was of invoicing and taxation.

PM me if you are interested in building this. We can take it offline.

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Please share the details about tours and travel management system you have or if you have any demo link so please share we can review this also we need complete travel and tour management system where we can create package , hotel accommodation , passenger detail and flight detail etc. we need B2B as well as B2C portal required because we have some of our registered travel operator who can sell our services

Hi Muzzy - I just signed up for this forum because I’m also interested in this and would like to lend a hand if possible.