ERPNext for Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services

Cool… unfortunately i don’t know portuguese… :sweat:

You would need to add link fields wherever appropriate, duplicating core doctypes is not a good idea

oh… i see… because the Vehicles belongs to own company’s asset, which is parked under HR module… do we need to shift it to CRM module to link with the Customers?

That is not needed, you can see the following link

Thank you!! :smile:

@Helio_Jesus I wish to check your system. is it possible ? TIA


Please feel free to try…

Username and password
Usuario: Senha: demo

Did you manage to have a look ?

login refused with this:

Could not find User:

This is the site
User is
PWD is demo

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Thank you very much for sharing. Lots of hard work is evident.

Yes for sure… Of course more to be added and migrated. Now looking for local company to setup again.

Nice app, where can i find on GitHub?

Como posso ajudar a melhorar? Gostaria de participar do desenvolvimento…

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Care to give a working link?
Thank you

Hello Jesus, I’m also interested on working and improving this development, can you share the git or files of your work?
Thanks in advance

I am sorry to ask but can you elaborate?
How do I create a table with the vehicle details with points to which vehicle belongs to which customer.


@vicotechasia check the github development it will give you some idea