ERPNext for Waste Management/Recycling

Apologies if this is not the place to ask this, but has anyone implemented ERPNext in a waste management and recycling environment?
If so - any pointers?


Plz can you tell the flow ?

Thanks for the reply.

I actually don’t know the flow (yet) - it would be for a potential client, so I need to make recommendations on what to use. I was hoping someone in the community would have done this already and could give me some ideas.

If its related to manufacturing process then there will be lots of business flow, because sometimes the company will sell the Scrap else they will recycle & will use it of production.

Hmm… not sure it fits the manufacturing model.

Maybe try the agricutural farming model for a similar workflow.

Farmer invests in seeds, planting, fertilizers, tractors, etc
WasteMgr invests in pickup containers, trucks, and placing containers at sites

Farmer collects the crops, sorts them, sells the best at market and pays to be rid of spoils.
WasteMgr collects containers of refuse, processes refuse to sell the best, and pays to be rid of the spoils.

Farmer re-plows the fields, reseeds, re-cultivates for next cycle.
WastMgr puts out empty containers again, cleans trucks, and readies for next cycle of collection.

I know it sounds like a stretch, but I was just trying to find a cycle that might be similar.



This is an excellent starting point. Thanks BKM!

Thanks BKM for sharing the info.

Hello, I work for a waste management company in El Salvador, Central America.
I’m planning to setup Erpnext to manage all data in the company. I know the workflow of the business and I can tell you it is selling a service but with the difference that you invoice the weight of the residue and there are tariffs regarding the type of residue.
Collection->Treatment (if necessary) ->disposal
Collection = Service (price /ton)
Treatment = Service (price / ton)
Disposal = Service (price/ton)
So there are items in the ERP
And the costs are the Operations involved

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I have been following the discussion and I would be interested to know if you have implemented ERPnext for waste management in your company.
We are also in this industry and are considering using ERPnext.
I look forward to your reply

Hello friend, thanks for your comment, I made all the preliminary assessment for implementing Erpnext in the company but at the end they ended up choosing SAP 2 years ago.
It has been a nightmare and we still haven’t made the official go live because of all the customization problems.
We are starting with a group of friends implementing Erpnext (v14) for the Salvadoran market, we are right now “tropicalizing” the software and most probably ending developing customized modules.
I’ll keep you updated if we go near the waste management path.


José Echeverría

What is needed is something similar to SAI built by AMCS

There is an entire industry starved for something modern to replace SAI also known as CRES