ERPNext Foundation is Hiring Entry-Level Software Developers!

Hello all,

The ERPNext Foundation ( is hiring entry level software developers.

The job will be to work on the roadmap decided by the ERPNext Foundation.

  1. The candidate will work closely with the core Frappé Team
  2. There will be 2-4 weeks of training where the candidate will be trained on the Frappe Framework and ERPNext workflows
  3. After that the candidate will be assigned issues on GitHub will have to build solutions to those issues
  4. Work remotely.

Salary $6,000 (Rs 3,60,000) per annum (this is based on entry-level salaries for software developers in India) + $1000 (~ approx Rs 60,000 in other expenses like travel)


  1. You must be passionate about software development and skilled writing code (Javascript, Python experience would be great, but not required) and must have done projects that you can showcase.
  2. Reasonably good English
  3. Self motivated - there will be no one to monitor you.
  4. Communicative - you will work for a community organization, so very important to communicate with all stake-holders.

If you are interested, please send me your resume along with a 500 word cover letter explaining why you want this job at



Interesting, although the main reason I cannot is I don’t have knowledge of writing outside of PHP really, and my main career is in infrastructure and business development. :frowning:

Hi @Mosam26 I’ve look into your previous posts. I believe your problems are basic, have you gone through the tutorial videos first?


If the tutorials is not enough for you maybe you should ask somebody, perhaps hire somebody who is familiar with ERP softwares.