[ERPNext Foundation Pune Chapter Code Sprint #2] - FedEx Integration

In continuation to last code sprint Session #1, we are happy to announce second session on 09th Dec from 11 AM to 5PM.


  • FedEx Integration
    [We have left out with updates in FedEx integration from last session, we will re-evaluate things in hand and we will target to complete the same in this session. ]
    • API Integration
    • Handling Event Logs
  • Pull requests half done
    Plus there are some minor fixes required in small contributions planned, this could be discussed and target to release.

One good thing is unlike first session, this and henceforth sessions will be open for contributors to join hands.

Anybody willing to join? Please, Welcome. We would love to have you.
Please, comment your names to this post. It will help us to accommodate you.



I suggest you work using middleware to integrate with shipping couriers. Managing their API directly is quite a nightmare.

This is one of those things that cannot effectively be community-supported.

There are many third-party providers. One with clients in many languages and a pay-per-use pricing is https://goshippo.com/
GitHub - goshippo/shippo-python-client: Shipping API Python library (USPS, FedEx, UPS and more)


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@gupteshwar Is venue will be New Indictrans Office?

I have created following meet up.
Please join meet up group, So I will add you as Event Host.



Thanks Sambhaji.
Yes venue is Indictrans Office.

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Thanks for suggestion Davide.
We will check it. However, not sure whether we can work on it this week.