ERPNext Foundation should apply for Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) awards

After reading this post:

I did a google search for ‘open source grants

Among others i found this

I think the “MOSS Track 2” will be suitable for ERPNext.

There are two options in that:

  1. Mission Partners Global ($10,000 to $250,000)
  2. Mission Partners India (₹1,25,000 to ₹50,00,000)

“the vast majority of MOSS awards to be singular rather than regular — that is, support for doing a particular defined thing”

Hence, I think we should come up with the single most important task to complete for ERPNext (like Documentation, stability, LMS for Education etc…) and approach for the grant with that task.

I urge all community members to look for other such grants to apply for and also approach any other trusts whose vision align with that of ERPNext foundation.

A question: Is ERPNext Foundation registered under the FCRA?

Some afterthoughts:
I find that there are far more NGO/Foundations looking to create an Impact in the areas of Health and Education. Is there a possibility to do a collaborative project with such partners whereby ERPNext Foundation gets to make an impact in those areas and as a consequence develop the related part of ERPNext. Just a thought !!


We tried but they did not end up giving the award to anyone. Maybe needs another attempt