ERPNext Foundation Update - Approved!


A quick update: our consultant told us that the ERPNext Foundation (EOSSF) has been approved as a not-for-profit (Section-8) company by the Government of India.

We will move on to incorporation soon and we are quite confident that the first board meeting will be held during the conference!

It will be some days till we open a bank account and start accepting memberships. But this is good news we have been waiting for a while.


Such a Good News to start a day with!
Best Wishes!!

Congratulations!!!..Team ERPNext…Keep Rocking!..:sunglasses:

that’s great. Would it be an idea to get the latest status regarding bylaws, structure, etc back to the top of the forum for a while … as far as I remember those issues where still work in progress in a way?

EDIT: is there any sort of documents of incorporation or such which might be of interest to the Community Audience in order to understand the (legal) scope of the Foundation as approved now?

EDIT (2): can anyone (@rmehta maybe?) kindly confirm whether this Blog post is from 12 February 2016 still reflects the current status?

So good! :slight_smile:

I am very happy that this OS ERP is so solidly on a different course than the one I was previously involved with that went against sharing code and knowledge properly. This latest development safeguards the code and the software contributions.

Of course I still wish the main company of friends and coders a happy pay-day! You deserve it! And thanks so much for sharing. This is the way all trade and business should be performed. ERPNext is an example for the world.


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Congratulations Team and Best wishes !!!

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Nice updates @rushabh_mehta. Definitely there will be good progress till conference time.

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