ERPNext Frappe app appearance inconsistent across Chrome and Opera browsers

I am experiencing an issue with the appearance of my ERPNext Frappe app when switching between Chrome and Opera browsers. The app looks fine when I first open it in Chrome, but when I switch to Opera, the appearance changes and becomes visually distorted. When I switch back to Chrome, the app retains the distorted appearance.

I have tried the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Disabling all browser extensions
  • Clearing the cache and cookies in both browsers
  • Restarting Docker Desktop
  • Checking the ERPNext Frappe theme settings
  • Updating the Docker image

None of these steps have resolved the issue.

I am using ERPNext Frappe version [insert version] and Docker Desktop version [insert version]. I am running the app on a [insert operating system] machine.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any suggestions on how to resolve it would be greatly appreciated.

Additional details:

  • I have attached screenshots of the app’s appearance in both Chrome and Opera for reference.
  • I have also included the console logs from both browsers.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Please note:

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  • You may also want to add any other relevant details to your question, such as any specific changes you have made to your ERPNext Frappe configuration or Docker settings.

I hope this helps