ERPNext frappe bench restore

Task: Manually restoring ERPNext 14 within docker environment. Bring system’s database and files configuration back to the point in time the backup was taken.

Documentation: bench restore

  bench --site {site} restore {path/to/database/file}
        --with-public-files {path/to/public/archive}
        --with-private-files {path/to/private/archive}

Command within the container ‘erpnext-one-queue-long-1’ which is connected to the volume ‘erpnext-one_sites’ in which ERPNext seems to automatically be writing backups (backup names have been manually shortened here):

  bench --site restore


App frappe already installed
*** Scheduler is enabled ***
Site has been restored
bash: --with-public-files: command not found
bash: --with-private-files: command not found

Restore seems to be working, what is with those ‘command not found’?


if you’ve multi line command use \ at the end of each line

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