ERPNext & frappe general feature

I’ve just start to consider of using this software. Before I would like to ask about some features.
We have our data most in tree structure (parent-child). Offer, purchasing etc.
My question is about posibility to cover this feature and organize data in this way?
It is possible with ERPNext ie. to organize purchase items in parent-child structure?

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Start by reading about Items in ERPNext here:

The relevant subtopics associated with Items are Item Groups and Variants

Conversion of your existing data into ERPNext may require some programming skills. If you are planning on using the ERPNext Cloud , the support people might be able to help with the conversion. You can also describe your data structure here and see if someone has done something similar…

EPRNext has a very easy upload facility in both excel or CSV.

I would recommend exporting your existing data to excel and use excel to convert data in the appropriate format/fields and then upload using ERPNext’s built in awesome upload facility. You may be limited to only 5000 records at a time.

Tip, configure ERPNext with your required fields, and settings. Add a couple of dummy transactions. Export into Excel/CSV and see how the data is formatted. Then use this as a template for your existing data.


The Frappe Framework natively supports parent-child structure that you are mentioning: Desk

also, the ERPNext Item Group doctype has already enabled this features:

Thank You for all answers.
I know that some effort will be needed to adapt this software but I would like to reduce risk of bad choise.
It is good to hear that ERPNext has that possobility to handle with parent-child structure data.
My question is how deep is done in standard or with easy standard adaptation?
Ie. I have part which have some sub parts. I want to prepare orders (separate process steps for each part) and monitor status of that.
What will happend if all subparts will finish process. Main part will see that or we have to do such thinks as additional functions?