ERPNext/Frappe version 8.1 Released

Hello Community,

We have released the ERPNext and Frappe version v8.1, That means we have merged the develop branch to master branch.

Here is the list of major features in the version 8.1

  • Company Wise Perpetual Inventory.
    Till version 8.0 Perpetual Inventory was applied to all companies, Now user can enable or disable the Perpetual Inventory company wise.
  • Dropbox API 2.0 updates.
  • Deprecated JS global methods.
    We have deprecated some of the js globals methods from frappe, e.g. users, role, msgprint, inList, in_list
  • Dominification.
    Hide or Unhide the doctype from Desk, Module view depending on Restrict to Domain field set on the doctype
  • Warehouse Account Linking
  • Salutation and Gender in Lead and Customer
  • Added a reference of Sales Invoice in Serial No
  • View Attachments in portal
  • GSuite integration



Successfully upgraded and

Just bench update!

I :heart: Frappe / ERPNext


Any specific reason why?

Is there a way to control whether individual attachments can be seen or not in the portal? Or does this mean any document attached in a document visible in the portal is automatically accessible through the portal?

@makarand_b I’m running:

ERPNext: v8.1.1 (master)

Frappe Framework: v8.1.1 (master)
I am trying to set roles to users but I dont find it in user form any more?! :confused:
Where I have to go to set role for users?

and when I Trying to go Role Permission Manager
I get this Error:

Please advise.

Hi @Ben_Cornwell_Mott,

For now the feature is quite basic: if checked it will show all public attachments in the portal.

So the only filter you can have is to make you attachment public or private.

But it would be nice to have further control :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Mohammed_Redha,

Try to do ‘bench build’ (maybe also add ‘bench clear-cache’)

I faced a similar issue and a rebuild of all JS files solved it.

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@revant_one i bench updated, i could not update.Help with detailed steps

Does this version support GST for India?

No. That will be released mid next week.

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@Fred1 start a new topic to state your problem and what have you tried…


GSuite integration

Whats new about this gsuite integration?