ERPNext Freezes on Material Request


I’m using ERPNext: v7.2.32
Frappe Framework: v7.2.31

When I try click any ‘material request’ generated by any ‘Item re-order’, the System interface is frozen.

You Can Watch This Video:


To be able help you, more info please -

details of where your instance is hosted
have you console access to logs
is your freezeup issue consistent and repeatable ie occur at the same exact step
how do you unfreeze when this occurs


The instance has a life time of 72 hours,
Is the official production virtual image hosted on a private server on
my local network,
The problem is consistent and repeatable, it always occurs,
The system unfreeze refreshing the page.

important note: the form for creating material requests does not work,
you can not create material requests.
Watch the video below:
The only thing I have done is to enter into the system the products of
the inventory.

Thank you!

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Hi @yuniel_ofertas ! Have you tried checking any logs in the Console? You might be able to see error logs there if any.