ERPNext freezing, pos sales auto submission, duplicate sales

Hello people. Greetings.

I have reported this issue more than once on GitHub. I also think it’s good to ask people here if any one has these issues.

Sometimes the entire system will freeze completely blocking all transactions. A look at htop in th terminal may show almost no activity on the processors. It will appear th mysql just went away. This has been observed on 2 installations, one is a fresh v9, 2 months old, another is an upgrade. Its actually much worse with the fresh installation. The entire server must be restarted, nothing else works.

2n observation; the pos may freeze intermittently while the cashier is scanning items, on responding; the sale is automatically submitted with the items scanned so far. Somehow, something in the code just submits the invoice; skipping the pay/tender and submit confirmation popup windows. CRITICAL. This occurs about 10 to 20 times daily; out of over 900 invoices. This may appear a little but we all know even one occurence of such can reduce the perceived reliability of the system.

  1. Some sales automaticaly post twice. I shared with shot on github, less than a second between 2 invoices, same user, same item, serially entered.

Since there were no responses from devs o guthub, I don’t know if you patches were made for these in v10; but we’ll upgrade on Sunday.

If any one ha encountered and overcome any of these; please enlighten.

I am attaching a screenshot of what the staff got from f12 when it froze.

Hello Chidi

We also experienced the double posting bug.

Cashier submits one invoice

Same invoice is submitted Twice or Thrice within one second of each other.

Like I said in another post, this is a very serious bug, I wonder how other people using ERPNext in high traffic environments are managing? This is my first client with more than concurrent users using the PoS module

It’s something of a nightmare; I just came from a meeting with our fastest selling client; they are getting weary of the system; they do over 800 invoices daily on average; usually mo‎re; so this occurs quite often within the day.

The system will frequently just buckle up; you wouldn’t see much activity on the processors; but the entire thing; even the server pc hangs.

Truthfully; it has been embarrassing, ‎we still have like 15 shops on v6 and they are smooth as cream, no issues month after month; we sometimes forget we have those clients, everywhere v9/10 was upgraded/installed about 4 shops using pos; it has been a royal pain.

These issues don’t exist even on much lower software; they shouldn’t be allowed to persist one day after users notice, but it’s been like 2 months + since I reported this first.

I have gone back to v6; just collaborated with a friend on a pharmacy; v6 is peace personified. They’re running; not one call so far, not one complaint, smooth sail. That’s what erpnext used to be.

Hi @noetico,

I hear you and feel you as well. I won’t even go into my clash with customer on this issue alone it is just seriously embarrassing and has caused a loss of credibility on my person and the system itself.

Please share your steps to install a v6 here I would like to try it soonest.



It’s so sad. Well; I do have a vm that I can upload in a few days, I don’t know if it’s possible or how to install v6 from github.

The vm is 1tb virtual disk size, production ready and just works. I’ll compress the image; should be around 3gb. Once I do; will send u a link.

I don’t know why this will not be given any attention; I’m trying to think; what could be more crucial than the sales interface of an erp software? I have been involved with 27 businesses so far and all are retailers using the pos; one is HR. POS is the most demanded module‎; I doubt any one can come up and tell me they have up to 25 clients using one particular module as much as the pos module is in use.

The v6 pos was so efficient that you can do other transactions on it. The only thing it lacked was the ability to split the tender; which so far; hasn’t been an issue.

Imagine using this for your first client as @olamide_shodunke is experiencing; and you start seeing these very basic structures of any sales system; so unpredictable.


I think this is an issue that the ERPNext team should get behind and treat as a very serious issue needing a quick fix.

This is not a feature request or an extension of the solution.

This is basic. No one expects a system to be randomly duplicating or even triplicating transactions for no good reason.

The team needs to solve this as quickly as possible, it calls into question the integrity of ERPNext.


@olamide_shodunke @noetico

I m trying to replicate the issue on local account but not able to replicate it, can you help me with the steps to replicate the issue? Are you both using erpnext on the VM?

Hi Rohit

We are on AWS

You need to have about 4 people using the PoS at the same time.

Also try spending something on an invoice between clicking on pay and submit.

But it’s definitely something that happens when multiple people are using the PoS at the same time

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Thanks for the detailed information

All they have separate user id or using the same user id?

They all have separate id but same PoS profile

Thanks for the information, I’ll check from my end.

Hi @rohit_w,

In our case, the cashiers have separate IDs and use separate POS Profiles. I’ve however observed that some of them like to open the POS screen on multiple tabs in the browser. Not sure if that has anything to do with the issue but thought to mention it



I must say; it happens even with 1 cashier only, one shop where we have v9 has just one cashier and right before me the system duplicated a sale, all you need is to start piling up transactions and the systems begins to malfunction, its something about the way the invoice is posted that can make the system post it twice. I posted on github with screenshots including the timestamp.

For details:

  1. Cashier is posting a sale and all seems ok; only to see that the same sale was duplicated usually within a second or less of the first
  2. System may freeze up during scanning into pos cart; on responding, system posts sales invoices automatically; autonomously skipping the pay screen, submit confirmation.
  3. System can generally just freeze for up to 5 minutes and return. It’s mostly within this time that sales submit automatically.

I do not know if this is something with just online pos or the framework submission logic; ‎but it’s clearly there; I’ve been facing it since Dec last year.

@wale the only thing I’ve noticed with multiple tabs in this version is that if the current user doesn’t log out and another user logs on a different tab; the entire server may hang up!! Yes.

But on pos; in fact selling on multiple tabs was one of our strong selling points on v6, we showed them how to r-click on the current tab; click duplicate; in case a customer needs some time to pick something else up and there’s another on queue; the cashier can rename the doc by clicking on the bold title; if there’s time she can even request the first name of the customer‎ and title the doc; this way she can attend to multiple safely. This was just so cool and sweet on v6 (I love v6 - best of all - wish everything was built on that finesse; that quality).

Currently nobody uses tabs but the system buckles, posts and duplicates!

Thank goodness we have the team on this now.

Hi @rohit_w

Trust you’re doing well. Any progress on this issue please? Just a few minutes ago, one transaction got posted 5 times!! This is getting very tiring and needs to be fixed urgently. Thanks

5 times!!! Are you on v10 or 9? Was considering moving to v10, but if you have this experience on v10, then I’m hanging on, 5?

Hi @noetico

You can imagine the surprise! We’re on V10

Kind regards,

Rohit sent a pull request to address this, waiting for it to be merged

Hi @olamide_shodunke

Thanks for this but the title refers to online POS. We use Offline POS

@rohit_w could you please confirm if this PR addresses both options? Also, I noticed you mentioned only an issue with automatic submission in that PR. Does it also address the issue of creating multiple Sales Invoices against a single transaction?


Great! Cool stuff. Thumbs up to the team! We’ll be glad to have this sorted out.