ERPNext french users

Hello everybody,

I’m trying ERPnext and I find it very interesting.

Do you many french users using ERPnext ?

Thanks for your responses,

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I’m currently evaluating ERPNext too. I’m just staring to use it so good so far. Some translation are not really accurate in french but it’s quite usable.

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We’ll have to contribute to make it more useable for french users !

Do you konw if there is already a translation for the Chart of Accounts ?


I’m currently a french user of Odoo but with their recent move towards a more proprietary SASS model, I’ve been evaluating ERPNext as well. And I have to say I’m very impressed by the quality of the work ERPNext is doing.

I think I read some discussions a while back about re-using the Odoo Accounting charts to import it in ERPNext, which sounds reasonable.


Hi Maxime,

Yes good idea !

Searching in the forum in the Account category, found a post of a german user, who posted a link to german chart of account, then I found this :smile:

How can we use this ? Is there a parameter in ERPNExt ?


@mquandalle thanks for your kind words. Do you run this? Looks pretty awesome.

ERPNext has been lacking a kanban view (I am not sure of the need though) but if every we want to add this, we know where to look for help :smile:

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I am also evaluating ERPNext for potential clients. As of now, the only part which seems to need work to be usable is the translation. From what I could see, it needs a lot of work. I might dive in and start to do it myself, but it’s going to be a new French/Canada language I think.

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Bonjour à tous,
Je voulais savoir si j’étais le seul à avoir un problème avec le format numérique sur une installation en français. Que j’utilise le format [# ###,##) ou [#.###,##] j’obtiens respectivement des montants [123,456,789.12] et [246,913,578.24].
Merci d’avance.

Bonjour @rlesouef,

Je viens d’essayer le format [# ###.#] et certains autres et j’obtiens aussi toujours la virgule des miliers, dans les devis en tout cas. Semble être un bug.

Merci pour ta réponse rapide, cela fait un moment que je tourne en rond. Je ne savais pas si c’était un mauvais réglage du serveur.

@rmehta Yes, I’m Wekan lead developer. I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I’m working on a more flexible integration that would allow the integration with third parties tools (things like Github/Gitlab or Slack/ are highly requested, but if there is some interest for an integration with ERPNext I could work on that as well). By the way, I’m a huge fan of ERPNext UI/UX and I contacted Studio March to see if we could find an agreement about working on the Wekan UI/UX.

Maybe we should continue this discussion elsewhere?


@mquandalle Thanks! Studio March has been amazing for us and would highly recommend them.

Let me drop you a mail. Would love to see if there are opportunities for open source projects like ours to collaborate. Also would like to understand what are your goals for Wekan and maybe we can learn something.

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I personally spent a few hours on improving the translation of the first settings modules and human ressources modules, especially the expenses part, because I needed it quickly.

The translation portal can be tricky and we really need to take the context of the translation wording because it can have an immediate impact and then we cannot modify by ourselves when we already approved a translation.

For the accounting chart, I’m also really interested !! I’ll check the code transmitted in another post !


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Hi, in fact I noticed the file is already in the program documents at the same dress (I have it in local), but like you, I do not know or manage to activate it…?

Est-ce que tu as bien configué le paramètre utilisateur ET le paramètre système (se connecter en administrator) sur ce mode ? j’ai eu le problème car je ne l’aval modifié que sur un profil utilisateur, mais c’est un module système qui nécessite d’être configuré sous Administrator pour que ça prenne le pas sur les autres utilisateurs visiblement.

J ai déjà rencontré un problème similaire concernant la virgule ainsi que le nombre de décimaux après la virgule. Il semble que cela soi liée au type de champs aussi, il faut modifier le Doc Type concerné en changeant le type de champs de ‘Currency’ en ‘Float’ :wink:

Récemment on a eu une discussion en Allemand, mais nous avons decidé de retourner en Anglais, Je pense il est mieux d’avoir tous conservations en Anglais, et alors toutes membres peut bénéficier des discussions.
salut Robert (La texte n’est pas de Google Traduire mais d’un Neerlandais qui a appris cette langue a école :grin: )


I have worked on french chart of accounts but I have not finished yet.
Here is my json file : [French chart of accounts][1]
[1]: Envoi de Gros Fichiers - Partage de Fichiers - TransferNow

For now, I have added accounts numbers from french base chart, sorted and added missing accounts.
I have added root_type but not yet account_type.
I set Class 4 in “Asset”, even if it is both Asset and Liability (accounts receivable and payable are in Class 4) because root_type is mandatory, is it a problem ?

I have added the accounts numbers into designation because there is no separate field for this, I wonder if it will be convenient enough ?
It seems there is usually 2 fields in softwares for french accounting (Cegid, EBP, Ciel) : “account number” and “account name”. For instance, account number “411” is “Customers”.


thanks britlog, but can you tell newbies where to put this son file for the soft to recognize it instantaneously ?