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I hope you all fine and doing great. I’m beginner in the ERPNext so i’m not expert in ERPNext scripting i have a question it maybe very basic question for experts but i don’t know about it.
Q: Let say i have a Module in erpnext named “University” and under the “University” module there is one section named “Student Management”… I want to pick this section named “Student Management” and add them as Separate Module in the Main ERPNext Desktop windows.
So, how i can do that i have no idea about that.
Please tell me right path. I am waiting for valuable reply.
Thank you so much everyone for your time.

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Hello I’m not sure I understand the question properly. I think you want to add a shortcut to a doctype in the main ERPNext dashboard (The desk). In the ERPNext tutorial it explains how to set the items. Here’s a link to the docs.

@Javier_Lopez no i never want to add shortcut i want to a add Separate Module on the ERPNext Dashboard. Thank you so much for your reply and i will definitely explore link that you share.


Then what you want is the frappe tutorial

Hi, @Bilal786 please refer this, hope this may help.

@Suresh_Thakor Yes i alread install ERPNext in VM in windows 10 and use the bench as well and i also tried Custom Script as well that is Client Side Script but @Suresh_Thakor can you guide me how to handle the backend Server side scripts and how i access the Python files and i think there will be changing in the Server side code and then it maybe my problem solve.


As @Javier_Lopez mentioned, go to the frappe tutorial

Then check the new app page and look at the file. Thsi is where you will add the shortcut to your module. In then, you can add your doctype to the module shortcut.
You can check example here

Thank you so much everyone i got solution.