ERPNext hosted on web server under proxy not accessible from internet

I installed and deployed ErpNext from scratch using frappe and then installing the erpnext application on a site.
Then moved it to production and hosted it to a web server using nginx as reverse proxy. It is accessible over the internet on address on local address and also two more network addresses. These were the addresses I had access to. And they are from same ISP. Now if I try to access the site using any other network
““” took too long to respond”
error is displayed.
The “access” and “error” logs of the nginx show nothing.
Settings are default for ErpNext. As I did not change anything
So if anyone can help it will be great
My nginx reverse proxy setting is
server{ listen 80; server-name; location / { proxy_pass; } }

Do you self hosted or use 3rd party hosting?

It is self hosted and I am using reverse proxy using nginx
Nginx configurations file is shown above. If you need any other file configuration i can provide you. Nginx access and error logs show nothing