ERPNext Hosted Server locations

Hi. May I know which country is your ERPNext instances hosted in?
I am looking for the fastest server I can find geographically located to me in Singapore.

I looked up the IP of the 1 user plan account and found that it is from France.


@wdg ERPNext servers are hosted at in France.


@rmehta Thank you for the info. Is it possible to upgrade my plan but have it hosted in Singapore?

@wdg unfortunately, we don’t have a server in Singapore yet. Very few people have complained us of latency. Do you have speed issues?

Not very laggy but noticeable. Especially when I compare with the speed of the local sites.

Let me add a small notice. We are to sign up for the ERPNext Hosting’s premium plan and I think that server at some proper Asian location would improve our experience too. Not to mention that we are based in China and its poor interconnection with the worldwide network makes things worse in general.


@strixaluco I believe a server at Singapore will serve China well too. :smile:

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@wdg Exactly.

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@rmehta, it is cloud based? E.g. Am I getting the speed I should be getting as if the datacenter is in Singapore?

Depends on your expectations. If you think its quick and responsive, it should not matter where it is hosted.

First of all. Congratulations. ErpNext seems like a thriving product with a dedicated community and a management that is pursuing idealistic goals.

Why did you choose over all the other hosting providers? I am just concerned about the longevity of the site. How do they compare to amazon and google.

I guess if I go the in house route, I can choose amazon and google as well but I would like to know why

Thank you,
anand has been very good for us so far. We don’t do Amazon because bare metal is so much more cost efficient for us.

We are keen on divesting though. We might try adding a few servers via Digital Ocean too

For small installs AWS, Google makes more sense

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Is there in GermanyŘź