ERPNext Hosting alternatives

I’m new to Erpnext and would like to know if someone can help me choose which hosting server is best for erpnext.

Naturally “Frappe” hosting :wink:

We are one of the core developers of ERPNext and providing SaaS support since 10 years now.

Are you looking for the self-hosted instance? Here is the talk (bit dated) on the self-hosting options.


Any service that can provide KVM type Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to you with good reviews and quick reliable responses to service tickets if something does go wrong.

If you plan to only run ERPNext and are happy with the backup schedule, support response, etc, then the Frappe Cloud is a good choice.

If you think you might want greater control over the way your backups work, want to be able to add your own apps to the server, want better control over your versions of software, or you just want a service department in your own time zone, then it may be good to look at the self installed option on a KVM type VPS on a service provider local to you.



Thanks alot I really enjoyed the clip.