ERPNext Hotels module development

Picking up the hotels module started at Gandhinagar using @rmehta fork here

Hotel Room Reservation Item

  • Tracks the actual allotment and status of rooms connected to the reservation

  • One line for each room allotted. Spans across dates

  • At the time of checkout, status for the room will be set to Checked Out

  • Used primarily for invoicing and booking. Summarizes the Hotel Room Allotment

  • At the time of booking create a line for each package with days and number of rooms.

  • This can be used to generate a pro-forma invoice

  • At the time of final checkout, the Hotel Room Allotment for the reservation will be summarized and reservation items updated to reflect rooms used

  • Final bill will be generated from here

  • Billable Services (other than rooms) will be added here

Hotel Room Allotment

  • Tracks the actual allotment and status of rooms connected to the reservation

  • One line for each room allotted. Spans across dates

  • any line here will be reflected in the bill

  • A line for each room alloted is created

    • On “Check In” and the status will be Checked In.
    • Pre-allotted before guest arrives, say at the time of booking or Paid Confirmation
  • The lines in Hotel Room Reservation Item could be used to suggest rooms, but the user will be able to change or add new rooms

  • Room transfers can be handled by setting current line to Transferred status and adding a new line with Check In status for the new room

  • At the time of checkout, status for the room will be set to Checked Out

  • Possibly validate all rooms are Checked Out before final bill generation

  • Current occupancy, availability reports will refer this table



What’s the easiest way to test this to enable us give you feedback ??


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Just RFP for now… Not started coding yet.

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Suggestion: User/Guest should be able to book a room(s) online and make payment or book-on-hold for x-hours.

A suggestion. Download trial version of this software to get the best information of what is needed in a hotel PMS. Am sure it will help you immensly.


Any progress on this?

Hey guys. I have started developing a hotel management application for erpnext. This module includes, rooms, house keeping and extras. You can check it out here

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I guess you mean GitHub - franknyarkoh/bookings: Hotel Management App for Erpnext I’d suggest to name it erpnext_bookings, then it is more clear that this is related to erpnext from first site.

  • do you have any plan to contribute this to the core code at some point?
  • is this related/connected to @vijaywm’s project?

Sorry. I actually changed the url to make it easy to install. Yes I want everybody to access this app. For now, my coding prowess in python and javascript is bad. I am trying to rewrite a booking application I developed with MS Access. Can you help with the coding?

No. It is not connected to @vijaywm’s project. However, I will check his project

I have tried using @vijaywm’s project but it didn’t work for me

Hi ,

there’s already a Hotels module in ERPNext… why not just contribute to that?


Thanks for the suggestion, Wale. I have 6 years experience in hotel management. The existing ERPNext hotel model will not work for me. Contributing will mean building it from the ground up and that’s what am doing now

I totally agree.

The existing Module does not have the DNA of a hotel Managnent solution.

@Frank4U how can I help/contribute ?

At least we should make sure there is some coordination and we do not run into different directions with 2 ‘concurring’ teams. If you are as ambitious as it seems and let’s say the approach is working better then the existing approach I believe there should be a plan at some point to replace the existing hospitality module in the core. If you are willing to make this contributable to the core code I’ll be happy to provide some feedback. Can’t code whatsoever though. Maybe @vijaywm may be able to help?

What I have seen thus far from the GitHub - franknyarkoh/bookings: Hotel Management App for Erpnext repository (installed it, plaid a bit with the doctypes) looks promising even though some things are not working 100%.

Hi @Frank4U

@vrms has put it very succinctly. The existing system may not have the building blocks you need but it’s always best you build into the core… trust me on that

What I’d suggest is for you to open up the discussion (with a view to getting it merged) so that others can align and contribute. It will also be important to get the input of the core team

For an undertaking as significant as this, you definitely need their guidance on the best approach to achieving your intended results and functionality. It’s not only about building your desired features but ensuring they’re developed in the best way

I really hope your work becomes a part of the core project so that it’s future proof


Accounting Module Group has formed a Telegram group to have weekly discusions on the progress of the module. You too can setup a group for Hospitality Module and get the business people discuss with developers regularly.


Okay guys. I will share the brain behind my approach and leave it to the ERPNext community to decide whether to go with my approach or stick to the old module.

I will share the functions and logic behind my hotel module to make it easier for people to contribute

I think the main point is the willingness to take the effort to go through with this until a PR to the core code is merged. Seeking help by other and advice from the core team early in the project (now) can be key to be successful I believe. This will add momentum to the endeavor.

Just let us know how we can help.