ERPNext implementation guide

Is there any implementation guide for setting up ERPNEXT?
If yes,how do i get it?
(Anything like step by step setup process so that i won’t miss any important part while setting it up for an organization)

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Google erpnext Installation on Ubuntu 18.04, there are a few of them… the most thorough one is the one on github by erpnext

Getting Started with ERPNext

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I am making one.

Thank you for your response,but what am actually asking for is, if there is any manual or guide specifically for setting it up after installation. The ERPNEXT Manual is very good but complex. I need something handy

Thank you for your response sir. I have the manual. The ERPNEXT is already installed in our system. I just need something like a guide to while inputing my company data,so that i wont miss any step.
For example;
Things to setup first
The next to follow

Thank you.
Just something handy that you can easily look at and set up ERPNEXT for an organisation

I’d like to join to this topic cause I have the same question. If someone has such guide, it would be great.
It might be some kind of self-experience maybe.

I seriously doubt such guides exist. If they do, they are not publicly available.

Service providers and consultants are (hopefully) maintaining their own guidebooks internally. But most will be reluctant to share the “secret sauce”.

In my experience, users and businesses rarely produce implementation guides, SOPs, or Work Instructions. Not even when their ERP consultant constantly reminds them to ( you know who you are! :wink: )

Someday this will change. And we’ll have 12 different guides available.
Each will disagree with all the others on how to “correctly” implement ERPNext. :joy:



I am implementing ERPNext for my organisation. The current best source for setting things up is the Manual as mentioned by @Aadhil_P_M

The steps to setup individual modules is included in the documentation. And I see you mentioned that it is complex. But then, a full ERP implementation is complex :slight_smile:

How ever, the ERPNext installation manual covers good details of how to setup particular modules.

@brian_pond, @masakari


If you are creating an implementation manual, I would be glad to assist.

I started with our ERP implementation with a kickoff presentation.

Here is a sample Kickoff presentation:


you can visit below German ERPNext community wiki pages

Hello Everyone,
We use below steps while implementation of ERPNext. And also I have questionnaire which we use for ERP implementation. But I am not able to attach XLS file here. I can share on email id. I hope this information may help you all.

ERP Implementation Activities:

  • Setup & Installation of ERPNext
  • Setup a Company
  • Few entries of users, roles, items, customers, suppliers, contact, address, warehouses etc.
  • Create customer group, items group, supplier groups etc.
  • Implement Sales Cycle - Lead->Opportunity->Quotation->Sales Order->Delivery Note->Sales Invoice->Payment(Journal Entry)
  • Implementation of Purchase Cycle - Material Request->Purchase Order->Purchase Receipt->Payment(Journal Entry)
  • Implementation of Manufacturing Cycle - BOM->Production Planning Tool->Production Order->Material Issue
  • Customization and Configuration of all print formats like sales invoice, purchase order, delivery note, quotation, sales order, material request etc.
  • Configure Chart of Accounts
  • Create opening accounting entries via Journal Entry and create sample outstanding Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices
  • Configuration of all existing reports
  • Setup and configuration of Email and SMS gateway
  • Setup and configuration of all reminders and alerts
  • Setup of backup script
  • Training sessions

Thanks & Regards


What @kanhaiya shared is an outline of a true Implementation Guide. Step-by-step instructions on how to build a working ERP instance.

Yes, there are several official manuals. Getting Started documents. The Frappe wiki. The Seibert wiki. But none of those is what @emmakezie is looking for.

Adding to the complexity: there will never be a single document, suitable for every customer. Yes, most customers will need to create opening accounting entries. Or edit the print formats of invoices. However, a manufacturing company will have many extra steps around Bills of Material and Manufacturing Orders. A retail company will not require those steps, but they’ll have additional work related to Sales Tax and eCommerce.

@Venugopal is correct: a full ERP implementation is complex. It’s one reason that ERP consultants exist. Because many companies don’t have time, budget, or willpower to learn all this stuff for themselves. And because publicly available documentation is rarely “good enough” to get the job done. Not to mention real, past experience.

Don’t let this discourage you, fellow enthusiasts. You absolutely can learn and configure ERPNext on your own. It’s possible. But it’s not easy or fast. And the online resources you expect should exist, may not be there yet.


I guess you’ll have to embrace the fact that any company’s processes and their management via an ERP System like ERPNext is in fact quite a complex thing an there isn’t really something that is “just handy and easy to look at”.

Especially a product that targets erveryone everywhere (which means it will have many blank spots for local requirements and practices and you’ll have to find a way to adopt the existing generic functionality to an Organizations best practices in it’s particular locality.

A general advice in how to go about implementation … start with a part you thoroughly understand and which provides a (whatsoever small) benefit to your users and spread out from there in small incremental steps.

That (in my eyes) will help you with adoption.


Thank you so much. I appreciate

Thank you sir @brian_pond , you understood my problem very clearly.
I think you and @kanhaiya actually understood what i needed. The implementation activities he listed out help to some very good extent in solving my problem.

The truth is that when i login to to our ERP,i know how to setup up most of the things i need,but sometimes i will forget to setup a primary thing before doing the secondary(For example,Creating an employee when am yet to create Department,Designation etc.). When the system now reminds me,i will then go back and set them before creating an employee.
So i have always have the challenges of knowing the primary things to create first before creating the secondary things. But i always get it right when the system notifies me that this should go first before this.
@kanhaiya i like this guide you gave me. Its very good.
@Venugopal thanks for the sample kickoff project and contribution
@nmami thanks for the link
@vrms you are right, i will have to embrace the complexity if i will become implementation expert in future.

Thank you all

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Great inputs @kanhaiya . Would appreciate the inputs questionnaire.

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I face similar challenges. Can we develop a wizard interface which can run through a questionnaire and sequence the inputs to configure each module ?

This would go a long way in helping new comers implement the system and quickly gain benefits.

Anybody know if such feature is in the pipeline?

Again, would be glad to assist.


Dang! How did he pick me out of the crowd like that?!? - :grin:

In all seriousness though…

This certainly would be an effective way to ease into implementations. However, the target changes pretty quickly sometimes. This makes such a wizard project unlikely to come around anytime soon.

This does NOT mean there are no such resources. They may just be difficult to find or outdated. For example, I personally create tutorials for some topics in ERPNext and post them here. Recently I have taken the extra step to make perpetually editable versions of those same tutorials in my github account so they can stay updated.

There are many (and I do mean very many) contributors here on the forum that also make such tutorials for many different topics of this application.

You can start your search by looking for the keyword “Tutorial” or “Step by Step” or maybe even “How to” in the forum search utility. you will see topics you may not have thought about before already set with detailed notes. The more you find and read, the more keywords you will discover to let you search even better.

But the best thing that can ever happen is when you spend days or weeks figuring out a specific function of ERPNext and you come back here and post your own first tutorial. At that point you make the world of ERPNext users breath a little easier as yet another “topic” has been explained so new users (and sometime experienced users) can finally understand.

That is pretty much how this community has been built.


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Wonderful tips @Kanhaiya, Can you please send the XLS Questionnaire to - Thanks.

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