ERPNext implementation -- how to handle this business case?

I am working with a company where they supply garments for shops around the country. The current business process is outlined below.

  1. Company places an order with garment manufacturer. Say for 100 t-shirts
  2. T-shirts arrive at the company. Lets say in two weeks time.
  3. T-shirts are then sent to printing company for printing designs.
  4. T-shirts are received back from printer.
  5. Company receive orders from shops for t-shirts and they deliver and bill t-shirts.

I have the idea how to handle this business process if only one supplier was involved. However, in this case, there are two suppliers. First, is the t-shirt manufacturer and then the second is the printer where they use first suppliers product as the input. Finally company sells the product which comes from the second supplier.

Also, there is a cost for manufacturing, which company has to make payments for and handle returns as well.

Then, there is a cost for printing, which company has to make payments for and handle returns/damages as well.

Can you all please guide me on the right direction where how I should use the standard ERPNext business processes to meet this requirements?

Thanks in advance!!!

I’d say you have to set up a manufacturing routine with subcontracting (printing in your case)

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I will check that route.

Let us know whether it works

I am trying to create a BOM but I don’t see a way to create a BOM.

When I select Manufacturing, it shows,‘Items’ menu under the section “Bill of Materials”.

Can someone please help me creating a BOM?


@tglk: reviewing may help you to go through.


User didn’t have enough permission to create a BOM. It works now.

@tglk: glad to know it has been resolved :slight_smile:

Subcontracting works really well for my business case. I followed the exact steps mentioned in following link.

Something important to mention here is that in my case I have many product variants as this is about a clothing business. Therefore, I created two item templates to test this out.

Product Code
P0034-UNPRINTED >> This is the unprinted product (or unprocessed item)
P0034 >> This is the printed product (or processed item)

Made variants from both product templates and followed the instructions in above link.

And it worked like a charm.

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