ERPNext in 2017: What's on your wish list?

Community, would be great to know what is your wishlist for ERPNext in 2017 (and how do you plan to make it happen!). Here is mine: ERPNext in 2017

Wish everyone a great 2017!


rmehta & staff,

We will be more then happy to take part on development trainig activities in 2017.
Looking forward also to the reseller platform.

Thank you all for the great work and our best wishes for 2017.

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hi @rmehta and frappe team,

  1. I would love to get a deeper insight of Frappe´s and ERPNexts´s code by attending training. I would suggest to have those sessions recorded so everyone can learn at own time and pace- basicly like @umair does with his workshops - I think that would drive contributions ny the community
  2. having a developer workshop in Frankfurt
  3. Seeing the foundation to blossom - hence for me becoming a Foundation member and dedicate a good portion of time to it - ERPNext is great and needs to grow even better - I would love to see that happening through the foundation´s members and the community
  4. more interoperability between modules of ERPNext e.g. Sales and Projects
  5. a Google integration (maps, calendar, drive, docs, hangouts)
  6. an integration with Wordpress

I wish a happy and successful 2017 to all of us


ERPNext is light and we will see a bright future. My wish for 2017 is to be a developer who is able to edit ERPNext or create apps on frappe platform to support the community… Please how can I start ? Python?
Happy new year

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generally … get the Foundation operational

functionally … focus on stability, reliability of workflows before adding many new features


I would like to have a professional developer training on ERPNext.

To be honest, the I did expect a lot from the Workshop but due to lack of time, it was not well.

Ruchin Sharma

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Can you make more videos or some webinars on development and deployment training because they can help the global community .


Fixing errors and deleting records may need some attention… Just wanted to delete myself as a test user for the webshop…Not possible because i was linked to a communication…Went to that communication but could not delete it because it was “system generated” …So en of story…I will remain in the system forever :slight_smile:

An one small ting: the financial graphs have now the total at the end…But these should have their own scale as otherwise the monthly values are hard to interpret…

More in general: I hope that the current momentum will remain and that the cloud subscriptions, that pays for the salaries of our friends in Mumbai, will finally take of…

Added 6 Jan 17::Some minor improvements and suggestions after working intensively with Erpnext closing accounts 2016
1: The General ledger is only showing totals if NOT FIltered…Adding filtered totals is a must, otherwise one need to export to Excel…
2. Discussed for years…probably a large task…Import the transaction statements over a certain period… It took me hours in Excel to see whether all my payments indeed matched a Bank Voucher or now a PE…As stated several times earlier: considered a "must"in Europe and probably the same for US/CND/Aus…Small enterprise accounting software for EU has an opposite workflow…One starts with the bank statements and matches this/or creates the invoice…Tax authorities will often take the bank statements as a basis for their checks…
3. Improved “repair management”…with clear messages of consequences…Example: In the Workflow PO>Receive>Bill> Pay one has to repair a mistake in bille: Delete bill> Warning delinking docs Receive and Payment…Amend and fix errors: Option: Do you want to reconstitute the original work flow??? and update your changes in the linked documents???



  • February: migrate accounting from Quickbooks
  • March: get some developer training at the ERPNext Europe conference in March (Please!)
  • April: migrate purchasing from in-house system
  • June: introduce manufacturing
  • August: relax and pat myself on the back until retirement. Oh… and share some credit with Frappe and this community :slight_smile:

Currently the Manufacturing module is my main concern in ERPNext. Specifically scheduling. I believe I can help in planning the enhancements needed, and also my company would be willing to contribute to a bounty to push the manufacturing module forward.

Making a PR to ERPNext myself is actually on my resolutions list for 2017!


i want the Shipping Rule by Volume/weight of shipment can be fixed in 2017.

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I guess we all have our own ways of using Erpnext, and priorities for improvement. For me its the core accounting, which I feel could be better for my own purposes. I feel that the QBO connector may be be the best solution, especially for companies who are already using the accounting in QBO, and it is working well for them, but need additional functionality from erpnext. (there are over a million such users) It may turn out to be a short term solution, but gives us more options, and flexibility to transition clients. I am already using other QBO addons for things like direct bank connections, electronic payments, payroll, sales tax reports etc. and I don’t want to dump them. Thery tend to be localized functions which are different for each country.
I am anxious to see how well this aproach will work. If successful, it gives us access to a whole new community. Many of the other QBO add-on vendors seem to be doing well with this approach. I guess we will see in new year, but for me, this would have the greatest impact.


I second that, to focus on stability and the system’s core. Appreciate it! Let’s all a have a great year.


Thats true, I think 2017 should be the year where you guys take a break from expanding the features and start working on polishing what you already have. great product is in the small details not always about the features list.


I agree with the rest, sure there are more features we would all like to see…but focusing on a more stable core would be a great avenue IMO. Much like iOS 7 to iOS 8.

That said, for features:

  1. Onboarding module
  2. More backup options (drobo still isn’t working for me)
  3. Improved project management
  4. Work on bench commands. I find many still aren’t working as expected resulting in needing to do things manually.

Keep it up!


Thanks everyone for your feedback :slight_smile:

As we all know, the wish list is long! Would love to see more contributions from the community too!


I really like this post. Here are my thoughts:

  • The platform is feature rich for the most part.
  • I definitely agree that some focus on what is existing to polish it off and fix bugs
  • Build in pre-configured workflows for many common tasks (can then help admins build others using examples)
  • Make sure permissions out of the box allow for proper usage, but keeping security in mind
  • The website feature needs a good deal of work.
  • The documentation still needs a good deal of work. This is an area I can contribute to. Still want to break out regular user procedure type documentation from administrative/back-end documentation.
  • More options to tailor the environment for self hosted folks. I think there is still a lot of coding needed to do things that could be accomplished with more setup “dials” to adjust that change system behavior.


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Yes I wish if we concentrate on stability of system as ERP systems must be reliable and have a fully stability.


ERPNext has progressed so much in the last 12 months. Not just by adding new features but also in providing Dev tutorials and How To’s, New bench commands etc etc. The core team has achieved a massive work load. As for 2017:
1: Halt adding any new (non sponsored) features but try to expand on existing features, and integration with 3rd party apps.
2: Optimise/Minimise/Modernise existing codebase. Less code makes for faster Apps, better stability and security.
Personal Request:
Could we please remove all inline CSS? Having this will allow for Devs to add lots of pretty graphs and things. Users like pretty things. Also Dev’s could start integrating visually more interesting front end websites should they want too. For the sake of security ignore any requests to integrate wordpress. Its a security nightmare.
I feel that in 12 months time ERPNext will have matured to the point where with the right marketing push it could take a large chunk of the small business ERP market.
Good Luck. :slight_smile:


Please what about mail inbox feature. Is it in next plan or not?

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