ERPNext in a Training Hosting Company

Hi Folks,

I am new to the forum, We run a small hosting company which is focused on Cloud Labs. we have customers who take VM from us for short durations.

We have made a php based solution that calls our hypervisor API and helps in provisoning, cloning, destroying of the VM during its short lifecycle of 5-10 days.

We are thinking if this can be moved to the erpnext / frappe platform along with the full erp functionality.

What we want to acheive:

We do some campaine, get a few leads, these then convert to oppertunity and then to a quotation. From the quotation to sale order from customer to sales invoice.

Now here is where the confussion creeps in. I can make a Delivery challan (DC) against the sale order and a invoice against the DC too. This is perfect if we were selling physical goods.

In my case we are having Fixed Assets: Servers, Switches, Storage, cables, firewall, routers etc, that make up the stack to serve the customers.

We are having the abov Depereciating Assets and then we have the employee salaries, Datacenter costs, telephone, stationary, and other indirect costs.

But we dont purchase any items that we sell. As I said earlier that we only sell VM in batches of 5 - 10. We would like to see if we can have this complete workflow in ERPNext.

Lets assume we have a batch of 10 Participants for 5 days and each participant needs 2 VM = 20 VM. now these 2 VM can be of different configuration. lets say.

2 Core, 4GB RAM and 50GB Space * 10 = 20 Core 40GB RAM & 500GB Space
4 Core, 8GB RAM and 60GB Space * 10 = 40 Core 80GB RAM & 600GB Space
Totalling to 60 Core, 120GB RAM, 1100GB Space.

We could have a total of 10-20 Servers each with 16 Core 32 Thread, 256GB RAM and a SAN Storage. We are thinking of doing capacity planing on ERP Next too if its possible like

on host 1, we can provsion the above batch fully as we can do a 1:4 Consolidation of the CPU = 16 Core * 4 = 64 VCPU (overcommited), 120GB RAM so this host will max out this batch
if the participants increase we have to push them on another host and so on… basically thinking of putting in the existing infra as purchased stock (vCPU *4 and others at actuals)

Like 10 hosts will mean we put each server as a godown as server1, server2, server3 and so-on so we have 64 vCPU, 240GB RAM(keeping 16GB for host and spare), and 10TB as Space in Storage godown.

Now when there is a order received (after the lead, oppertunity stage), how do we go ahead next.

We make a project with the batch name so that we can track the progress across the 5 days. (we might have a request to increase or decrease the participant count during this period).

Now these VM will get destroyed after 5 days training is over or if there is a extension it could become 6-7 days too but basically after this training these get destoryed. so we get back the resources
and we raise a invoice for this post the training. after which there is a credit period and we get paid.

Thinking on how I can track this complete flow in ERP Next, (we can later on think about integration with the hypervisor and do away with the php portal we made and have the functionality in erpnext fully)

We have workflows but I have no ideas on how to use this, any pointers…

LMS Integration with the batch will be a idea too…

Will be grateful to Any suggestions on implementing this.

Sorry for this long post



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