ERPNext in Australia

Hi All

I’m looking to link up with some like minded ERP experts intending to install & use ERPNext within Australia.

Would love to create a dedicated ERPNext Australian localisation Topic in which we could all contribute regarding configuration and technical solutions assisting the development of the product in OZ.

My background is in Oracle ERP solutions across many different industries and sectors within Australia and the UK over a 14 year stretch. I see great potential in the ERPNext product and I truly believe a dedicated team of enthusiasts focusing on day to day challenges and gaps being experienced under the Australian localisation will help the product reach out to small and medium sized business.

So I’ll start the ball rolling with the HR module and Payroll limitations here in OZ regrading Tax declaration information and how you may have dealt with this within ERPNext?

Will add more challenges across the modules as we go so please feel free to contribute.

Look forward to hearing your experiences.



CC @System19, @reciphergroup, @monojoker


Hi Paul, great to see more Australian users and administrators! I think there’s certainly a call for such “localisations” and @rmehta and the guys have already contributed positively by developing the payment terms functionality I requested early on.

Feel free to contact me direct to discuss anything, we have been using ERPNext for over 12 months now (cloud hosted). Unfortunately I can’t help you with tax/payroll/HR as we do not use that module yet, except as a basic leave recorder.


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I’m running a Small Business in Australian and looking at migrating away from our current package to ERPNext but have a few questions.

1 How well does it do generate the BAS report information for the ATO. Currently on Monthly Cash Base.
2 Having trouble understanding the workflow for the Support. How to keep track of hours spent to invoice customers.

I understand that ERPNext is flexible and could be added via application but considering the BAS is required for every company in Australia was wondering what others are using or if there is a step guide to setting.


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Hi Jason…

Congrats on finding ERPNext and considering its use in Australia… There’s
not too many of us on here!

BAS Production in ERPNext is not standard in that there are no standard
reports which will allow you as an Aussie business to report directly from
ERPNext to the ATO

Having saying that all the ATO are requiring you to report in your BAS
return (As you will now is)


Setting up your chart of accounts correctly in ERPNext will allow you to
extract this information and accurately report this information.

Feel free to give me a call on 0400429626 where I’d be happy to trade ideas
in this area. A group of us are looking to start up an Australian localised
ERPNext forum Group so would be good to have you aboard.




@rmehta Perhaps we should make a Regional Forum?


+1 I think as long as it holds discussions pertaining to that region/ country strictly, it should not diversify the main forum discussions. Will also help people looking for localised help and support.

Hey Jason,

The solution is actually quite simple owing to the flexibility and adaptability of ERPNext.

  1. For BAS Report, you can create a custom report (Scripted, therefore you would need a developer to create it) that would generate the requirements of the BAS Report

  2. To keep track of hours spent, you need to utilise the Projects module which has Time Logging functionality that can be made billable.

In answering your question if there is a Guide to setup BAS, there isn’t at this stage.


@cpurbaugh I don’t think we need a policy for that. Groups can of course start their own forums, mailing lists as and when there is enough interest.

Ok thanks for the update @saidsl I’ll have a look at how hard it is to code for BAS verse cost for developer and other packages available.

Hi All,
Just further to the BAS / PAYG reporting for AU - I believe @IAGAdmin and @tonyta will be looking at this. Would be great to get community funding and input to support them getting this done - I will be.

Sure we will

For the time being, I have been processing data for BAS Statements and Payroll via Excel.

All I do is dump data from ERPNext, process it via Excel mostly by using Pivot Tables and VLookUps and then record back the new information (amounts, entitlements, etc.) to ERPNext.

@tonyta is looking into the payroll and i’ll support him in testing and developing the reports.

For BAS / PAYG reporting I’ll look into the design this/next week.

I’ll post any update about BAS / PAYG on this thread.

Lastly, we are currently discussing policies and procedures for the crowd funding process with Frappe Technologies to make it sustainable.

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We have started the design. We are trying to make it as versatile as possible for each country and enterprise needs.

Please feedbacks are highly welcomed.

In Australia, GST (Goods ans Services Tax) is the Value Added Tax which needs to be periodically reported to the Taxation Office (ref. GST | Australian Taxation Office)

Following is an initial sketch of the report we are trying to create in order to speed up the collection of this information.

Data comes from Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices and Journal Entries for a selected period. Also a check box will help to select from Accrual Accounting (Doctype Date) and Cash Accounting (Payment Date).

We’ll use an Analytics report style concept where the first node, after the All Rates, is the Tax Rate and the Tax Account both stated in the Tax Charges and the second node is the linked doctype. From the second column the report shows amounts: a Total column to start with and then extra columns based on the select period.

Data can be used for further investigation, printing and exporting (e.g. to compile Tax Reports).

I’ll use it to lodge and review BAS Statements and to reconcile the Integrated Tax Account for the Tax Return.

@RicardoJohann will do the development.


For the PAYG as soon as this Updates to the Payroll · Issue #6808 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub is completed you can use the new Salary Register to collect information for the PAYG Tax Withheld.


An update. Please any feedback is welcomed.

Moreover, it should work anywhere, not just for Australia.


Looks promising

On a side note IAGAdmin I’m actually in the same industry as you just on the East coast (Industrial Automation).

I am highly interested in using ERPNext and moving from our current Software (Advanced Business Manager (ABM)) which is buggy and slow to gain features requested.

I’m still trying to work on something so ERPNext can sent Customer Statements Automatically but limited experience in computer coding.

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Hello @jahicko

Feel free to give us a call and have a chat at +61 (8) 9300 1844

You can speak to my boss Henk in regards to the automation or you can speak to myself (Andrew) about ERPNext.

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@IAGAdmin The Aus localised BAS reporting will be great. With the PAYG features does that pull in info from the ATO sliding scale tax rates?
So if an employee earns $800 per week the PAYG withheld total is auto calculated based on ATO sliding scale tax rate?
If that same employ works an extra day one week and earns $1000. Does the increased amount of withholding tax get auto increased?

Hi @System19 we haven’t done this integration yet. It will be nice to do once the new payroll feature is completed.

We are currently calculating it manually using the ATO website