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Hello @fblauer

Nothing serious, quite common though!

ERPNext calculates and rounds Tax Charges on each row, whereas other softwares calculate charges on each row and then round the total charges.

You can see an example in Rounding still wrong?. @nikolx provides a good one.

When we record a Purchase Invoice whose Tax Charges are calculated differently, we either add an extra tax line to adjust the previous total or change ‘On previous row total’ to ‘Actual’. However we prefer the former.

Hi @IAGAdmin (Andrew)

I have a friend who is based in Australia and want to have a reference of someone who is using the ERPnext system in that region. May I ask for your reference to have another member to our community? would appreciate if you can assist us with your experience of ERPnext so far.

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Hello @suryanamha

We have been using ERPNext internally for more than 2 years. We are a project based manufacturing company. We use almost every module and have been developing new ones, new features and reports as well as fixing small and big bugs. The majority of our developments are contributed back to the community.

Please following are our details

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This would be good. You also said above that it would be possible to create a forum category by country, so that we could communicate. How would we go about this? Or maybe we should create a forum category called “localization”.

How did you get the TAX ANALYTICS report?

Hello guys,

I’m new in the forum and I’ve been using ERPNext for the past 6 months for my small business. BAS statement at the moment is my main “concern” as I haven’t found a way to get the report straight from the app.

I’m using the cloud version of the software and I’m aware the level of customisation of cloud application is very limited (it’s one of the big selling points of cloud app, according to Oracle).

Is there a way to have a very simple BAS statement report from the cloud version? If not, what’s missing? At the moment I’m using excel for the statement.



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Hi, @Mecanotech.

You can sponsor development of BAS statement report, merge it upstream so that eventually it will be accessible in your ERPNext cloud account, but this will take time.

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Hello @Mecanotech

If you read above, you’ll see we are developing a Tax Analytics report. The data can be used to lodge your BAS Statement. We are developing it to support Australian Businesses but it’s meant to be used anywhere.

We are testing it at the moment. We’ll release it to the community as soon as it’s ready.



Hi @Mecanotech

Me and my team would be happy to help you with the development / test of this module. We are located in Quebec, Canada, so we could help with the localization of it.
What is the development status? Is it hosted somewhere on a public repository?

Thank you

Hi @IAGAdmin

Just start using ERPNext for a small start up business, and saw this discussion regarding Australian localisation. I used to work with MS Dynamics for both ERP & CRM since MS has AU localisation, and would be helpful for me if I can contact you regarding ERPNext BAS & Australia Tax related questions?


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Hello All,
Found this recent post regarding implementation of a new regional module for country specific items by @rmehta - great work from the Frappe Team / Foundation yet again!

Looking to pool our efforts into sorting out Australian specifics (and others in post if similar in design??). Specifically I am looking towards (obtained from Reckon Accounts)…

  1. BAS and PAYG reporting - Annual / Quarterly
  2. Option for GST accounting method (Accrual or Cash) and also option to include other taxes like WET / LCT / FBT / FTC in reporting
  3. Tax scales and applicable rates i.e. superannuation - something like a setup form to manually create new tax scales when applicable - old rates remain for historical lookups. Eventually would like some form of pulling from third party (whether this would be feasible…) via API.
  4. Payroll - Payroll Feature Request - Leave Calculation · Issue #209 · frappe/hrms · GitHub - however this is more generic so I am not certain if it would be particular to the regional module…
  5. Leave - Payroll Feature Request - Option to Exclude Earning/Deduction from Total · Issue #7389 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub - again, think this is more generic then being put in the regional module…

Comments / requests appreciated!


Hello @IAGAdmin. Have you guys done any YTD Customisations yet?

Is anyone doing COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) with ERPNext ?

Nope unfortunately.

Is there anything specific you are looking for or trying to achieve?

HI Paul. Jason and others. There is now such a regional group →

Please visit there and get active.

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