ERPNext in US and Canada

@woakes070048, @DrTrills and I are interested in a Boston/ New England community meetup as well as getting a US/ Canada ERPNext Foundation chapter off the ground. If you are interested in participating or just hearing more subscribe or speak up!

@fblauer, will you come down from Montreal to visit?



My brother lives in the Greater Boston area and I think I will be there late September or Early October. I am looking forward to interacting with a vibrant New England Chapter then.

Go Pats!!




Yes, I am definitely interested. Maybe we can do something online for now just to get oriented, and see what the plan is. I am sure we have a lot in common to talk about.

@fblauer I agree that that would be best once we get established. I am willing to setup a forum for us etc. It would be great to be able to a meetup and maybe a conference in the area.

Nice! What about Toronto?


How big is the community there? So far, it’s the furthest point west (at least until @brian_pond weighs in), but it would certainly be appropriate if it’s an epicenter of sorts. At this point nothing is off the table, we’re just gathering people who are interested. Logistically, I think Toronto is a pretty good choice if the crowd is mostly East Coast US, Midwest US and Canada folks.

A clever idea stolen from PyCon US: repeat the venue and logistic infrastructure once before moving to a new location so as to effectively halve planning efforts.

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Add me to the list of Boston area people.

Tyler, I would definitely be interested…count me in. I’d be willing to lead a Pacific Northwest meetup.

Depending on the amount of people I could probably host a small gathering at our office outside of Boston. If there’s more than a handful of people, perhaps we could reserve some area in a bar/restaurant?

Perhaps harpoon brewery? Boston Brewery - Harpoon

We have a variety of semi-private and private event spaces available at our Boston Beer Hall for groups ranging in size from 20-400 guests. Availability of our event spaces depends on the day of the week and is often times dictated by our general public hours. Each event space has a private bar where you can choose from a variety of our delicious craft beers or ciders, however outside wine and liquor is not allowed on premise at any time.

For larger parties of 150-400 guests, our Beer Hall is available for a full buyout after 7:30 pm Sunday-Wednesday evenings.

We currently do not offer private tours or table reservations in the Beer Hall.

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting a semi-private or private event at our Beer Hall, please email a member of our event team at and we would be happy to assist you!

Open to hearing from others. This is exciting!

@DrTrills - Where is your office and what is your feel for a “small gathering”? I have been to lots of conferences around New England in more rural parts. Given my connections to farm and food industries, I would take on food and catering coordination with gusto and a spirit of sharing.

Prince Edward Island - East Coast Canada here. Looking forward to see where this goes.

Count me Also , From Boston , Hoping to Play a Active Role

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I’m in Raleigh, North Carolina, Research Triangle Park area. If there is a chance to meet up with other ERPNext developers/users/implementation experts, anywhere along the US east coast, then I will be there. Just having a local (US) group to exchange ideas or tips & tricks would be a blessing.

Funny, and all this time I thought I was alone here trying to get this done. I had no idea there were others so close doing the same.


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@bkm i know i felt the same way the for the longest time. I think that we will have to map out the area but Boston area seams like its going to be the best bet for the meetups.

Office is in Norwood just off 95/128. The boardroom could host perhaps 6-8 people, and we could do presentations or something there.

The benefit is there is plenty of parking, downside is the building is quite large, but only 1,000 sqft have been built while the rest is not developed yet.

@DrTrills I am hopeful that we can get more the 6-8 people together, so your suggestion for another location is probably appropriate.
@woakes070048 It does seem that Boston+/- seems to be the epicenter so far.
I also think that the late September or early October to accommodate @JayRam is a singular opportunity, not to mention there is no better time of year to visit New England for those considering a longer trip.
I think the next step would be to solicit ideas for topics and pull together an agenda. That way we can make a value proposition to those contemplating attendance.

@rmehta - Is there any way to notify forum members who have provided a location? This need not be a US/Canada only request, other regional chapters may also find it helpful.

I’m in NYC and would love to meet more of the ERPNext community!

Wow im my counting is correct there is 12 of us and I have two other business owners that work all the system all of the time now it seams we just need a good time for the meet up.

I am between Philadelphia and Baltimore. I would be very interested in this gathering also.
Currently evaluating and learning erpnext for SMB clients. Great stuff! I never really thought about the school modules in business, but it makes sense.

I am in NJ/NYC area and currently evaluating and learning Erpnext. I am very interested
in this meeting too. Let me know if a meeting is set up.